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Saturday, May 30, 2009


New art! Oh I had soooo much fun doing this piece! I used an 18 x 24 canvas with square coasters applied for texture and then painted the entire piece black. You can't see the coasters unless you looks close but it's enough to peek your interest when you are looking close. I have been wanting to to try painting on black allowing the dark background to show through. It was challenging for me..but delightfully enjoyable. I worked at keeping it graphically bold and bright.. intense like the tropics.

This is inspired from my granddaughter Emalie's dream while we were on Oahu for Stephanie's surgery. The morning we visited Stephanie after her surgery, Emalie crawled up into Stephanie's bed and began telling her about the red house with yellow flowers.She went on and on, and we all agreed she had a dream and wanted to tell her mom. Emalie never mentioned any of this to the rest of us that morning, not until she saw her mama. That so spoke to a part of my heart, I knew I had to do a painting about Emalie's red house. Even a little toddler can be touched by a dream! How magical!
I want to point out the girl's dress: it is actual fabric that I bought at a wonderful funky little shop in Kapaa on Kauai. A way cool little fabric shop that had tons of fat quarters for sale. I could of bought a suitcase full! I love fat quarters and add them to my art stock whenever I see some
good funky pieces.

So Aloha Emalie... I love you!


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