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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I couldn't resist. The energy of dogs is just too wonderful not to share. I had to add this design to my lineup at lunar-designs and wanted to show it here too.
Hope it makes you smile today.

Monday, July 27, 2009


If I can't live in Hawaii, then at least I can have these beautfiul hibiscus flowers growing by our front door. These are so gorgeous and big and the color is the exact color I want to paint our kitchen/breakfast nook when I get some time.
I have been really slammed with orders.. a huge blessing and I am swimming in gratitude.
But when I get this busy with orders, my side art takes a hit. The weekend was
busy too. Quick day visit to see mom, and then morning yard work and house cleaning which gobbled up the entire day. We had a wonderful rain Saturday night which was the perfect
time to get out to tackle some long over due weeding. So this morning, I am ready to launch into the week's work. And hopefully, some time to squeeze in some art too.
Sometimes, ART can be just admiring nature's miracle. Like the hibiscus flowers. Perhaps next winter when I am gloomin' about snow, cold and no green, I can pull out these pictures of these flowers and be inspired to paint them.
The laundry art has gone into the recycle bin. Yep, I chucked it. The background turned into
a nightmare. Too ambitious on my part on Yupo paper, which I will still experiment with.
Maybe paint some hibiscus flowers!
So the commission piece will take a new direction.
happy monday, ta

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have a commissioned art piece that has been on my to-do board for well over a year. When they say: "no hurry" it can be the kiss of death. Or at least procrastination at it's worst.
So I finally heard from this lovely woman sweetly asking how the painting is coming along, and of course I cringed at my embrassing tardiness. I always struggle with commissions. It's the ultimate approval factor that always stresses me out. So jumping into the work this morning, I decided to work on Yupo paper using my watercolors. Yupo is very slick and the watercolor is very fluid on this paper. Drying it with a heat gun is nearly impossible because the heat can easily warp the paper so you must be very patient. Not one of my biggies. But I love the fluidity and the surprises that can come with Yupo.
She wanted a piece of art for her new laundry room. I originally thought of a whimsical clothes line in a garden. But now have decided it's in the trees and the lines are between the birdhouses..
the one line you can see, the other one is above and it stretches between the two roofs. I lightly sketched it in with pencil. So I will work on this later. Too many orders starring at me presently. To work I go... ta

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



I was invited to paint a trash can for the Tuesday's local's farmers downtown market continuing with the theme "Recycling The Summer of Love"... and who could pass up an opportunity to get groovy with a trash can?

so I started with a brand new spanking can....

and ended up with this flower child.

So it will go to market this afternoon.. I decided if it doesn't sell, I will put it on our deck for a recycle can/bottle receptacle for our deck parties!

okay work is calling me.. tons of orders! no time to play!


note: trash can sold 5 minutes after I brought it into the park!!!
happy trash day for me!!! yippiee!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is my anti-war art piece. I am always so saddened by the horrible effects that war has on children and innocent people. Their suffering seems so incredibly unnecessary. I don't understand the need for violence. Ever. I think growing up in the 50's and 60's had a profound effect on me. Watching the Vietnam news reels, so vivid and uncut, deeply rooted in me the
need for a peaceful planet. And if you notice, the war scenes coming out of the middle east are much different now. No body bag counts like in the Vietnam war. Too much protesting came out of that. So the powers that be now keep our exposure more controlled, which really is even more grotesque. After having grandchildren, knowing the love I have for them, I was compelled to create my NO WAR art piece. And being anti-war does not make me a unpatriotic American.
It just means FREEDOM to have an opinion. It doesn't mean I am anti military. I admire the men and women who serve. I know they are fighting for freedom. I just wish we as a human race could solve our differences non violently. That we could live in harmony and allow each other different beliefs and thoughts. To embrace diversity. To finally reach the Civilized
state of no need for a military.
ps.. this is available for sale on etsy. Just listed. Peacefully I might add.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is a painting/collage that I have done over the course of a year. I know. It has been evolving. Maybe the meaning of SPEAK has been slow to evolve for me in my real life!?
The details of this piece cannot be given justice in this photo. But I have come to really love this piece. She seems a bit timid to me. But she is holding fast to her heart. The words in the title
above are stamped above the flowers that are floating around her.
For me, it has been a life long journey to speak out loud. I have always walked a path of
empathy for my fellow journey mates. But also feel the importance of not keeping quiet. I was raised to sit down, shut up and not rock the boat. Probably the same way my parents were raised. Children should be seen and not heard. I think, thankfully, that ideology is becoming
less prevalent in today's world... somewhat.. surely not enough.
So I own my thoughts and my words. And speak out when I see the need. But also I hold dear to me the times when I choose not to speak, silence is golden, thus the golden heart she is holding.
With age comes wisdom. ta

She is now available for sale at my etsy shop. Does she speak to you?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


note: turn off the music on the roll below to the right.. and then turn your volume up high.. and open your heart.

I am often amazed by what comes my way at the most needed moment. When the wind blows through your life, upsetting things, and you grasp hard at what gives you strength, and afterwards you sit still and try to put things right again. The exhaustion of the storm leaves you tired and raw.

And out of the blue, along comes a gift to touch your inner part and help you heal.. gratefully blessed, thank you. Staying in the light.

And, I wanted to share this with you.


AND THEN SHE FLEW.. This is a piece I did several years ago.. actually part of the entire piece I took apart and decided to "downsize" and take to the market today to sell. I am taking some of my rusty assemblage work in keeping with the theme of Recycle. This is one of my favorite pieces that I have done using old things and creating assemblage. I work in pure doing. In other words, I start with an object and just go with it. I don't pre-create. I don't visualize. I simply do it. Letting my inner thoughts lead the way. Then when the piece is done, I see the meaning and understand why it came out.
I have always tried to fly. Taking myself out of the box, out of the safe zone, out of the knowing, and to push myself into the new, the unknown, the what if..... So this piece told me to keep flying. Keep trying. Keep believing.
Because if you don't, who will.

Monday, July 13, 2009


~ an old aspen tree bent and surviving~
~I have never seen these before, will have to research~

edit: Looked this flower up: Green Gentian also known as Monument Plant, Deer's Ears, and Elkweed. I have heard of Elkweed before but don't think I have ever seen it bloom.

columbines, of course

~the meadows are full!~
edit: pink flowers are called the rosy paintbrush, the orange reds are the Indian paintbrush.
the small yellow: alpine buttercups and the purple
are the lupines as far as I can determine.
We took a long jeep ride on Saturday, I wanted to see a view that a local artist had used in his recent mural here in our downtown. I will get a picture of it soon to post. It is one of the most beautiful murals I have ever seen. The flattops up above us are are long wide expanse of open mtn country. The flowers up there this summer are just outrageously beautiful. I took this picture of our state flower, the Columbine. To really appreciate this, know I was standing in a huge field of flowers.. red Indian paint brushes, lupines, and these columbines. Wow. It's so soul filling to be in nature. The abundance of rain is evident all around you. You are tempted to lay down in the midst of all this beauty and just breathe in the universe.
I talked to my artist friend Fred, the artist who did the downtown mural about our trip to the flat tops to see his inspiration point. I was a little confused if we were actually at the right spot because while some of the elements were there, the layout wasn't right. Well after talking to Fred, we were at the right spot. He just took artistic license and re-arranged the vista to
be able to show the view. ahhh. now it made sense. He was really pleased we took the time to go there. I mentioned how incredibly rough the roads were, and he said yes, that's why not a lot of people go up there. I think the forest service keeps some of these back country roads purposely "natural" to keep the throngs out. It helps perserve the prestine country.
But despite the day long trip and endless rocky bumpy ride, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed it fully. One of my more spectacular rides in the back country. And I have lived in Colorado all my life.

Monday morning art: "All Will Be Well". More art to sell Tuesday. What I don't sell, will go on Etsy. Because it will be another month before I do another Tuesday Market. And I will have lots of new art to take then. Always creating. Always grateful.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday, because I know all will be well for you too.


ps I took this original art and decided to turn it into a new design for Lunar's lineup.
you can see for yourself!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


how nice to be picked for a Treasury on Etsy. It's fun to be in such an arena of great artists and art. what an honor!
edit: the treasury page has expired as of july 15.. but I printed it out and filed it in my gratitude file.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I found this wooden cat at the thrift shop. He was painted calico browns and golds and missing most of his whiskers. He looked really sad to me. So a rescue was needed. Home he came and sat on my studio desk for a few days. Then I got an email from a good friend of mine who had lost one of her best kitties.
:( I sooo know the sadness.
It's heartbreaking. Perhaps the thoughts of kitties in heaven brought my creative idea into making this cat a sky kitty. So he has now become one with nature. As have all our sweet animal friends who have passed. I know my Sadie is up there romping in the meadows. And Jabber, Sammy, and old sweet Snuggles. I miss them all. I still tear up thinking about all the loyal love they gave so abundantly. Humans should learn from this selfless kind of loving.
It is a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL summer morning, and we are going to get out and enjoy nature today. The heck with house cleaning, chores, etc. Let's go play outside before summer is gone! Pack a picnic, jump in the jeep with Marley and go explore the mountains. yippieee!!!! Let's be one with nature!

Friday, July 10, 2009


My whimsical houses with thoughtful words....

These were created with upcycled printed canvases gessoed over then painted. The roofs are corrugated cardboard dry brushed with white paint. I made the hearts out of paper coasters that had a black and white print which I stamped over using black ink with a pattern stamp. The butterfly wings I found in a children's book. I also used the corrugated cardboard for the windows. All of the materials I used were recycled. Creating art of what I have on hand.
As my Grandmother used to say: use it up or wear it out. She was recycling before
the word was even born.

I love these houses.. and will put the originals in the local market next Tuesday. I also scanned these and will make them into greeting cards. Three in a set. Fun!
ta..have a wonderful weekend!


I am always amazed at some peoples' attitude of ONE WAY with religion. It baffles me that the given "GOD LOVES EVERYONE" gets lost in translation of religion. An oxy-moron thought.
I normally don't venture into this arena, better to keep the peace. But this video is so spot on
and I feel it needs to air as many places as possible. So here you go.
and please take a moment to scroll down the the playlist and turn off the sound, because you are going to want to hear this video.. turn up your sound.. and listen. please.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Creating more jumblies for the next Tuesday's downtown market. I love finding old rusty cans out in the wilds that have managed to survive somewhat intact.. I always rescue them with the intent of turning them into art. This can has an old door knob hanging to knock around for fun sounds. I added an array of beads, snapple lids, bells, etc to create the swing of color and sound. These look great hanging in the garden.. the organic rusty can and the sparkles of color.
I need to do more.. have also thought about trying melted records shaped into upside bowls for this same kind of
garden art. I have a big old supply of those hanging around from the 60's. I just can't seem to through them out. One year I made bowls out of some of the old records and then
created gift baskets with gourmet pop corn in the bowls.
It was a fun recycled gift for our friends.
JULY!!! holy cow.. I cannot believe how fast the summer is going. We are loving the warm weather. The garden is blooming it's heart out. The bears are cruising the neighborhood. Last night the dogs had a full on barkfest and I know I heard crashing in the bushes in our neighbor's yard. Finally all calmed down and we were able to go back to sleep! bearly..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My friend Donna works at a consignment shop and often will save me "stuff" that will get tossed out. She knows I like different junk and she will pick something that is perfect. And amazingly it's just at the perfect timing for what I am currently "in".. which is faces painted on brushes, etc.

Forks too.. this was a wooden salad fork who has metmorphised into BUBBLES! She is perky, and she loves polka dots. And color. And parties. And up people.
Asking the universe for more cool stuff... :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I thought she was done, but Aunt Tillie spoke me early this morning. Yes, she never changes, she has been stuck for years in the same style. But deep down, she is yearning to blossom. Yes, she is getting on in years, but doesn't really like staying stuck. She wants to step out of her safe box and learn to twirl a little. So we decided she needed some accessories. And she does love flowers.
So may I introduce the new Aunt Tillie!!!!! Doesn't she look perkier now!?
She is now ready to face new adventures! Who knows where she will go from here!

Friday, July 3, 2009


She is done. Conservative despite her way over processed hair. Aunt Tillie never changes anything about her. She seems to wear the same style of clothes for years now and her hair do same. So a light blue Peter Pan collar blouse with little white buttons.
I am now on the lookout for more similar brushes. This will be a series I think.
Tonight is the opening for the Go Figure art show at the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities that I have my piece "Being Still in Nature" showing. So we are going to that. Though after a busy day in my studio, I am ready for a NAP!
oh well, art calls.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I found this cool old wallpaper brush at our local thrift shop and knew right away what I wanted to do with it. I funked up the hair by lightly heating it with my heat gun. Enough to make the bristles start to curl and kink. The entire brush got thicker and wilder.. perfect. Then I painted her face and neck. I have several ideas how to finish her. Or she might be done.. the less is better thing. But today I will let her hang with me in the studio and let her tell me what she wants.

Here's a wooden wall plaque I painted and SOLD last night at our local downtown market.
It's a thick piece of wood that had been painted and missing hooks. Found it at a 2nd hand shop for cheap. I bought two new hooks to screw on, and then painted the fun colors and made the white dictionary page daisies. I added the words Enlighten, Encourage and Enjoy for fun.
It was one the first pieces that sold as I was setting up my art. That is definitely Encouraging!
I did pretty well, and in fact, have been invited to come back next Tuesday. I think I am going to do it. Nice way to make some extra money!
Now I am looking for more of these old wallpaper brushes!