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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have a commissioned art piece that has been on my to-do board for well over a year. When they say: "no hurry" it can be the kiss of death. Or at least procrastination at it's worst.
So I finally heard from this lovely woman sweetly asking how the painting is coming along, and of course I cringed at my embrassing tardiness. I always struggle with commissions. It's the ultimate approval factor that always stresses me out. So jumping into the work this morning, I decided to work on Yupo paper using my watercolors. Yupo is very slick and the watercolor is very fluid on this paper. Drying it with a heat gun is nearly impossible because the heat can easily warp the paper so you must be very patient. Not one of my biggies. But I love the fluidity and the surprises that can come with Yupo.
She wanted a piece of art for her new laundry room. I originally thought of a whimsical clothes line in a garden. But now have decided it's in the trees and the lines are between the birdhouses..
the one line you can see, the other one is above and it stretches between the two roofs. I lightly sketched it in with pencil. So I will work on this later. Too many orders starring at me presently. To work I go... ta

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