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Monday, June 20, 2011


Works in progress
The small watercolor sitting on top of the panel on the upper right is ready to be mounted on the ironing board piece.  I am waiting on a retro apron and child's iron that will added to the ironing board piece.
Can't wait for this to be done.

Mom's pies
waiting on a child's wooden rolling pin that I will add to this assemblage piece.
I also need to get plexi-glass pieces cut to cover the watercolor art.  This has been such a fun
series that I have been working on. 
I just need

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


prepping a birch panel
texture and paint
more panels ready

First one done.
Sour Cherries.
Watercolor paper, sealed and mounted on birch panel.
Old wooden kitchen spoon and a recipe for Sour Cherry Pie
from an old cook book.

A wonderful time in the studio this morning.
Thoroughly enjoyed the watercolor time, which is my first true love for a medium.
Am really pleased with the outcome.
Topped off the piece with an old kitchen door handle.
I like it.
Happy Birthday to me.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


My husband bought me this nearly new 5 speed ladies cruiser bike at an amazing price at a yard sales last Saturday.  Shiny black it was crying for some ARTFUL additions.   First I POLKA DOTTED the entire frame with turquoise dots.  Then I added some colorful FLOWERS on the basket.. which is removeable..  very handy.
Then I found some funky colorful TASSELS at Pier 1 which were terrific for the ends on the bike handles.

I still need a ding-a-ling bell and a friend even suggested I clip on a Queen of Hearts card with a clothes pin.
Sounds fun.. and reminded me how I used to do that as a kid.  But I do have to say, I love the sounds of nature as I peddle along.  I will wear my Converse pink high tops whenever I ride my new bike.
I have decided to name her Petula, in rememberance of my art car, Petula.
So I need to do an art sign with the name Petula somewhere on the bike.
Make my heart SING.
Life is GOOD!
ta for now

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Our Red Hawthorn tree (also called May tree) is full blooming now.

Here's a close up... the flowers are bright red/pink with a little yellow in the center.  They look like tiny roses.

It's absolutely breath taking.. 
ART in nature.
We are inspired.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


An old plastic garden chair that we have had for quite awhile.  Originally green, then about 4 years ago, I painted it dark red and painted a big purple heart on the back.. it had become faded and forlorn.
So yesterday I tackled it.  I spray painted the entire chair then began sponging on  pale yellow and white
to create a painterly background.  That was time consuming and not really FUN>  but then the fun part came with the flowers and dots.  I used a lot of house paint.  I have started picking up sale cans of house paint at Lowes.  Some are in the small sample jars.. about 8 ounces.  Those  normally sell for 2.95 but on the bargin table, I pick them up for $1.25.  And gallon cans sell for $5.00.  Any time I step into Lowes, I head over to the paint department to see what colors are available on that bargin table.  It's an economical way to pick up acrylic paint.  Since I clear coat my paint projects with clear acrylic sprays, that house paint is as long lasting as artists paint. 
Today is going to be a GORGEOUS day with WARM temps and blue skies.  AHHHHH!!!!!  So ready for some nice summer weather.  We had a bit of frost yesterday morning, but I had checked with the National Weather Service online and saw the warning so before I went to bed, I covered all my tender plants.  Good thing too.. because they would of been frosted.  Another day in the life of gardening in the mtns..  cover your
butt!!!  We can go from 32 to 80 in one day!
ta for now