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Thursday, October 1, 2009


How do you create some artist's business cards that people will hang onto?
I made up about 50 of these from various sections of my art using about 15 images.  Rather than put regular
business cards out that will get lost, etc, I decided to create bookmarkers with my Artist's info on the reverse side.  These measure 5 1/2  x 2 inches and printed on cardstock.  I punched a hole in the top ends, and tied on various fabric strips for flair.  I signed the front of each card and placed an address label on the back
for the contact info. I just hung an art show at the little cafe down valley in New Castle and under my bio on the wall, these will be placed for people to take.  Granted some will take because they are free, but with my blog address on the back, I hope to get some new people checking out the blog and my art.
 I am meeting my girlfriend for lunch there and will take my camera to take pictures which I will post later.
But wanted to share my cool idea...


Loredana said...

Linda, my name is Loredana Gasparotto and I just came across your blog surfing the internet.
I just want to say that I love your work!


Hannah said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today. What a great ideal to use bookmarks as business cards! Great work!

Syed said...

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Zmalik said...

I think artists deserves such abstract art designed plastic business cards which makes them distinguishing from others...