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Friday, October 9, 2009


Woke up this morning to low hanging clouds and the promise of rain/snow today. I am missing the warm sun coming into my morning space.  So to warm up my studio, I made a fire in the woodstove.  We have lived in our new home for over a year, but this is the first fire I have made in the studio woodstove.  I LIKE IT!  So here I sat, warming my toes, and sipping my coffee, dreaming of the beach.  This might have to become my morning ritual through the winter.  Yummy way to start my creative day! 
  So, what is stoking your fire today?  Mine?  Some morning art then work on orders.  Yesterday I made some banana nut bread and my "reward" for getting my work done, will be a cup of tea with some warm banana bread later this afternoon.  This is the way I like to spend  cold winter days. Even though it's barely fall on the calendar.   sigh.    it's the mtns you know.  And my friend in Florida is complaining it's in the muggy 90's.  Which I don't love either..  perfect weather? Hawaii....I invite you to come with me  here... notch  up to a full screen, lean back and put your feet up, sip your brew, and let's zen on the beach for a little while.
Ease on into the day.  yeah... like this.


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