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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Happy Days are here... we are having the time of our lives.  Sharing laughs and giggles and just enjoying each moment that we are blessed with.  Emalie is doing art everyday... to see the creative juices is so fun.
She did some spin art yesterday on the nick jr site... a really fun place for a 4 year old to play.
We have a special little table and chairs set up here in the studio for her to do her art.. and it's so much
fun to share my studio with her.
Life is such a sweet ride with loved ones.. I am staying in the moment!
new license plate assemblage

Monday, April 12, 2010


She hails from Kansas.
The wide open prairie with fields and fields of Sunflowers.
You know the saying, you can take the gal out of Kansas....
Happy Monday!
I want to smell the fresh spring air.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


oh, this hurts so much.  My beloved Dad's Jimmy is broken.  I have been crying for a week since it happend.
I mean sobbing.
On the way to Denver a week ago, in the canyon, I spun out on black ice.  In a blink of an eye,  the car did 2 360's and it smashed into the guard rail. Hard.  Despite the damage, the headlights, turn signals, etc all worked.  With the help of an angel named Buck who stopped to see if I was okay, he wired the one headlight up and I got back on the highway and went to Denver to pick up my girls and return back to Glenwood.  I never got his last name, but he was so helpful.. a passing Angel.

NOW my intention is to get the Jimmy repaired.  And it will BE.  Even if the car insurance people have "totaled" the car. That's their world, but not in my world.  I am bringing this car back to life. 
I have never been so attached to a "thing" in all my life, until NOW.  This Jimmy is my link with my Dad who passed away.  Since he's been gone, I have missed him terribly.  But when I am driving in his car, he is sitting right beside me.  So with the money I get from the pay out from the "totaled" car, I will restore this car back to it's old wonderful self with the help of family who I am eternally grateful.  This 1994  Jimmy with only 101,000 miles still has a lot of life left in him and we still have a long ways to go together.
In today's throw away society, I am not willingly to toss out this car.  I am doing the reuse recycle restore
theory and keeping the memory of my Dad's spirit alive and smiling as we journey on down the road.
I promised Dad.
And I know Dad is smiling with me right NOW.
This will be our next ART project, Dad and me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tomorrow I will be at the airport waiting for my girls to come for a nice long visit.
Nearly 4 months of blissful reunion with my daughter and granddaughter. 
HA is the Hawaiian word for Breath.
When the ancient Hawaiians greeted each other, they would press their noses together and exhale
breathing in each other's HA. 
I know full well how quickly the next months will pass.  And I am determined to BREATHE in every moment
taking the time to savor their HA. 
We will do many wonderful things together.  Both of them are artists and we will have many fun days
of creating art together.  This little studio will be a busy place. 
And I have promised myself to take many moments of embracing the pure joy of being together.
To breathe in their HA and the love we will be feeling together.
NOW will be my daily word,
Now more than ever.