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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I love the end of the year.
It gives me time to reflect on the passing year.
I am cleaning out my studio this week.  Pulled in a large trash container and so far, it's been filled once and working on #2.  Good to get fresh surroundings along with a fresh perspective for next year.

I have a lot to be grateful for. 

author unknown

I have worked hard to bring more business in, and happy to say my hard work is paying off.
In doing so, I have neglected my own health at times, and most importantly, my art.

So for the NEW YEAR, I am going to focus on trying to keep more
in balance.

That means, more time for me.  Eating healthier, exercising more, you know, all those
New Year resolutions that we all make.  I am a giver, but not so much to myself.

I am turning a page in a lot of areas of my life this year.  Learning to forgive.  Learning to let go.
Learning to only allow the positive into my daily life.  Counting my blessings.
So much unneccessary junk that pulls me down, I now know it's too toxic for me.
Toxic attitudes, toxic people. 
Thanks, but no thanks.

will be exciting.
I have new ideas for my business. 
My beautiful kids are moving back which means I won't be a faraway granny any more.
I want to try new art mediums.
I am scheduling a PLAY day for myself at least twice a month, minimum.

Life is too short.
Losing a good friend to cancer at way too young of an age.
Makes you think, you know.
Precious time whirls by.

So I will walk with purpose and intent and keep myself

blessings to all

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


In the grand scheme of holiday
I decided to light up my dark entry to my studio.  This is accessed through the garage.. my side of the garage where I warehouse all my Lunar Designs stock and all my ART stock.. the funky and the junky. 
The lighting in this part of the garage is marginal at best.  And as you approach my door, it's dark.. even with the lights on in the day!  So.  I thought
It lights up the entry, it makes me
 and it's GROOVY!

Which is about all I have had time for today.  I am wrapping up last minute orders, did manage to ship
one holiday gift and waiting for UPS to deliver more of my card stock so I can print more cards.

It snowed today and the holiday bug is starting to come alive for me.
Just wanted to share my twinkle today!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


BLEAK outside.
Being a NON-WINTER person, I still love having snow around the holidays.
If everything was green outside, then NO SNOW would be fine with me.
But now that the holidays are looming ahead, and skiers are eyeing the mtns, yep, we need snow.

I have a HUGE amount of catch up here in the studio.  Plus lots of holidays lists to tackle.
But I am in dire need of an ART DAY!  For REAL.

So hoping that as my work week progresses, I can make room for ART.
Because I am starting to get the no art jitters.

I did whip out a new design for Lunar yesterday.
Appropriate for this time of year, YES?

doodle-doo everyone!

Friday, December 9, 2011



Counting my blessings.  Big Time.  LOTS of days where BUSY would be a mild way to express it.

Wholesale orders coming in steadily.
  (Pause for GRATEFUL.)

Every weekend SHOW FAIRS.
 (Pause for GRATEFUL.) 

Learning to take time to catch my breath,
honoring my SELF.
 (Pause for GRATEFUL.) 

Having had to push my priorities back to focus on my business has been
REWARDING.. on many levels.
 (Pause for GRATEFUL.) 

Most of all?
here's my sign


 I am respecting others but not allowing the DRAMA
to cross my boundaries. 
Felt myself tipping and entering into a very dangerous territory.
Been there before, and know the SIGNS.
It's all GOOD.

Now I am surfacing and am going to embrace the holidays.  Parties and Festive Happenings.

And some well needed REJUVENTATION is in order.

Having some time with my husband, who I so love spending quality time with. 

Now, that is truly living the ART-FULL life.