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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend art!
I worked a show in Denver for three days and part of the deal for the entry fee was I had to demo my art.
I grabbed a bag of  art supplies and during the lulls, I would work on some art.  It was a wonderful way
to pass the slow times.. and I thoroughly enjoyed working instead of sitting idly between customers.
I have decided this will be a tradition for me when I am doing these shows.  

It was a decent spring show though three days is a bit of a haul.  I met some really wonderful artists and
that is always such a bonus when I do these shows.  And of course, the customers are always so fun to chat with.

One woman in particular, caught my attention.  She was near my age I think, and nearly bald.  In the world of  what many would call beauty, she was not a likely candidate.  But she had such an aura of joy and beauty that she brought tears to my eyes.  She was with a group of her friends and they were laughing and chatting and I was so awe struck by this woman, I had to step out of my booth and approach her.  I told her she was so beautiful that she brought tears to my eyes and I hugged her.  She was surprised but smiled her glorious smile and told me I gave her goosebumps.  There passed between us a sense of heart touching.  I am continually struck at how shallow some people are.. there seems to be a great deal of presentation and little heart.  But here was a woman who had transcended surface beauty and let her inner beauty radiate from her.  
I was so grateful I had spoke to her.  It's one of the perks of getting older I suppose.  And it truly was a moment of encouragement that humans have the ability to be real.  And when they are REAL, their inner
light shines strong and true.