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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday, John would of been 70.  I cannot think of a groovier 70 year old.  This morning I listened to
an interview of John by writer David Sheff that was done in August of 1980.  The  interview/article came out in Dec 6, 1980 in Playboy and two days later, he was shot.  I still feel a cold shiver run through my body.  The sadness that grabbed so many of us when we heard the horrible news....  This peaceful man.  Dead.
Violently shot down.  It's one of those moments in my life, when I am ashamed to be associated with human beings.  How humans could be capable of such tragic useless evil.  why?
  here's the interview.. it's worth taking the time to listen to.

I will always be a Beatles fan.  Always.  There wasn't anything more moving for me as a young girl growing up,  listening to their music.  And there hasn't really been any more musical artists that has so touched my heart as their music.  Except Jack Johnson.  He comes as close as James Taylor does since the Beatles.

 In 2007, I was picked to do an design for our local Strawberry Days.. and I ran with the idea of the Beatles
Strawberry Fields. So I did the poster design.. and what  blast I had doing it.  Our surrounding mountains became snow covered strawberries with kaleidoscope clouds.  here's my art on the poster....
I drove my Petula car, a painted art car, and when I was lined up ready to join in the parade, and all I could hear was Beatles music surrounding me, I have to say it was a moment of gratitude.  I had brought my love of the Beatles to our little mountain town, and we felt the groove as we sang Strawberry Fields Forever.
A proud moment for me.  Here's Petula.  She was Groovy.  I loved driving her..everyone always knew where I was doodling around in her.  I finally sold her.. she needed a lot of work and was getting old.
I had my fun and now it was time to move on.  Doing the art car was fun, but that's another story for another day.
  NOW.. all we need is LOVE.  and 10-10-10 today.  A good day.  Hold onto those positive thoughts.
Everything is working out for our highest good.
  I love this.

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Karen Martin Sampson said...

Who of our generation can forget the day that John was killed? The shock, the grief - it was devastating. It made everything seem at risk, as if without him in the world we had no hope. Fortunately others have taken up the flag and continued his legacy. I am five years younger than John. How would he be now? "Fab" I'm sure:-) He made mainstream people aware of the need to be peaceful, not kill animals, save the health of the planet, and love each other.