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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Have lots of these old aluminum molds..
decided to make kitchen/holiday ornaments.
keeping the "theme" blackbird...
using different patterns of oil cloth for the wings...
zipper legs..
patent leather for the blackbird's head..
colorful buttons for the centers.

First one, the prototype.
These are the colors in my kitchen.. so will probably keep :) this one for our kitchen.
The rest will be up for sale at the next holiday show I will be doing.
Will look cute with my kitchen towels.
thinking here....might even do a painted version to print on a towel.
I like that it can be a holiday ornament, or not.  Keeps the options open for the buyers.
Now need to make a dozen more or so.



Nice to work in my warm studio.


Life is good.
and Grateful.

to work on orders.

then make some homemade soup for dinner tonight.

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