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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday, I discovered a challenge to make art everyday.  See the side panel and you will find the link.

Now, I do art daily, have for years..... but these past few months, as
this economy keeps beating on us, I find myself working harder.  I love to work at my job.. Lunar Designs.
But I also love doing my "side art" which I have been doing less and less of.  Not so good for me. 

I so love getting up early, and with coffee and still in my jammies immersing myself in my art.
I usually do this for a few hours, then jump in the shower and then into my orders for Lunar.

But when I thought about this November challenge, despite the timing.. busy time of the year for me both
professionally and personally, I  thought, now more than ever.  The busy is draining sometimes, and
doing my art will restock my art soul.  

So I am committed.  It's not a heavy dutiful thing.  Merely a conscious decision to do it NOW.
Sometimes it's good to smack yourself with a Challenge. 

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