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Thursday, October 21, 2010


These  are now listed on my Etsy site. 

 I am lining up the art to sell,
 making room for new. 
Time to shop for that special piece of art that is calling to you.

I even love to say the name.
 I fell in love with this Italian lemon beverage and love the graphics on the can.
That inspired me to create a Limonata Art Doll.
She would be delicious in a kitchen with her spoon and fork arms/hands.

My love of Blackbirds often find their way into my art.  The sweet art doll is made from a very old license plate.. about 1936 I think.  The blackbird is cut from an old Utah license plate.  She feels
very quiet and full of wisdom when I look at her. She is called "Blackbird Spirit Woman"

This fun art doll called "Wishful Thinking" has a real wishbone in her head with a little bird perched on top.
She has the cutest specs on (from a garden hose holder I believe) and her legs are old carpenter rulers.  Her body is from a 1968 Kansas license plate.  Her head is in the stars!
She is wishing for you!

I had fun with this guy.. aptly titled "John Q. Public Focus".  I have become increasingly weary, as we all seem to be, with all the politic rants and raves and endless stream of rhetoric on tv, radio etc.
I have to turn it all off, and keep my mind on other things here in my studio.  Watch old movies on Turner's
Classic Movie channel, or listen to books on tape, or listen to music.  I create my own reality here in my studio!  
NOW to work on orders!

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