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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 It was a WITCH HAT art project last night.  The Downtown Farmer's Market ladies got together and created 19 witchy outrageous hats.  There were feathers flying, skeletons clacking, hot glue guns squirting ( a few small burns followed by witch like expletives ) and lots of fun.  We had pizza and wine, margaritas and I brought my apricot beer...  because I just don't like wine or tequila all that much.. more like it doesn't like me the next morning.  We will display these in Sue's store window (Confetti Designs) and sell them to raise money for the market.  As we were cleaning up, I found one more blank hat, so I opted to take it home to decorate and will deliver it.  Every hat was named:  Old Crow, Sour Apple, Mae West, Horrible Hannah, etc. and will be tagged with the names.  Just for fun.

We had a great time.. this was my first "mandatory meeting" and I had a blast.  I can happily say I  am in my own tribe with these girls so lots more fun/work to be had in the future.  It's great to be associated with such a great group of women who do such a wonderful job with the market.. a great asset for our little mountain town.

NOW I am getting ready to tackle my list of to do's, including getting NEW SNOW TIRES on my car.
Because, you know the snow is coming, like it or not!

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