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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Finished this new one.. so much fun creating a whimsical gathering of birds.  I love doing birds.. something 
so sweet and comical about the little birds in the spring.  Hopping around, busily looking for yummies to eat.
I hang a bird feeder outside all winter and it's a little sad to pull it down in the spring.  Bears love feeders.  So the birds on are their own for food.. thankfully  there is more to eat now.

I have a great local outlet for my art... a friend's shop in the downtown area who loves my art and let's me hang as much as I want to bring in.  She only charges me a minimum fee for sold work and it's fun for her to hang up the art.  She likes the quirky and colorful which is my favorite choice to do!!!  

And I have another hanging in June at a great popular breakfast place in Carbondale for the month of June.  So I have a lot of art to do.. plus with shows and markets coming up this summer, I want to build my inventory as much as possible.   

I have been neglecting my morning art time.. which has been sorely missed.  Always seeming to find "more important things to do" and duh... my daily art time is really critical for me.  So having a lot of commitments for my art will get me back in the groove.  It's magical to come into my studio and sit at my art desk with my birds chirping over my head and immerse myself in my art.  

This year I am determined to create at a steady flow.. for many reasons least of all my SELF.  I will be posting here more often and hope to soon restock my empty etsy store.  tsk tsk.  

Funny how I become more stagnant in the winter and when spring rolls around, a time when I have a ton of chores in the garden, I wake up with wanting to do art all the time!!!!!  But I do a lot more reading in the winter..  which is lovely.  

so that's my game plan...

plus my kids are moving back to our valley in a few weeks.  and I am giddy with excitement.....


Monday, April 2, 2012


This was a new fun art for me.   Such great FUN!!!
I started out with a multi wash of color.
I love watercolor so working on this wood using very wet acrylics
is as much fun for me as doing watercolors.
After this dried,
I started adding some wispy plant designs.. again with a wet brush dipped in
watered down acrylics, but with enough color to show up.
Drying time again.  Sometimes I speed this up with my heat gun.

Next I stamped some designs with paint.. for added elements.
And then took an old plastic dollie and used it as a stencil to spray paint over.
This really gives a nice lacy garden feel.

Next came the blackbird and the branch.  And lastly,
the collaged dictionary pages for the poppies.

Lastly the berries.. which I loved.

Now my artistic juices are flowing,
and I want to do MORE!

ta for now