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Thursday, November 18, 2010


My original intentions for making these wreaths, was to sell them at Unique Boutique last weekend.  But,
the oil cloth that I ordered came by  slow camel and finally showed up a few days ago.  I love oil cloth and the bright colors.  And I envisioned a wreath made up with various patterns and colors.  I might add more to this.. maybe some old kitchen utensils, etc.  I didn't have an actual wreath to start with.  We live in
a fairly large mtn town, but we haven't any craft stores here.  There are two Wal-Marts here but the craft section has been really cut back.  So for me to drive to a Hobby Lobby or Michael's it's a 3 hour round trip.
I brainstormed walking around the hardware store and  found some foam pipe covers (3/4 inch) diameter and 3 feet long. " pipe insulation"  but how about a wreath shape? 

To give the foam circle strength,  I took a wire hanger shaped it into a circle and used the foam pipe cover to fashion into a wreath. Since the covers are slit they feed onto the wire hanger easily.  I peeled off the yellow tape that covers the sticky so the slit seals.  It worked pretty good, though I would  of rather used a straw wreath, but you can't always get what your want, right?

 The good news, these  foam covers cost only about $4 for 4 for them. So it's a cheap alternative!  I did use low heat hot glue since I was gluing onto to the foam.  I cut out all the leaf shapes, pinched the ends to create more of a leaf shape and stapled three leaves together to form a sprig of sorts.  Then it was just a matter of arranging the leaves artfully and gluing them on.  I want to make 4 total. I can take them over to the art center to sell and also the upcoming Whimsical Women sale I will be in coming up Dec 4th and 5th in Carbondale. 

So that is my quick "art" for this morning.  I must jump into a huge pile of orders..  blessings for the business.
After 5 days of technical difficulties with my Canon Copier, my tech finally got it fixed.  I was really frustrated
and trying to stay positive but with big orders looming over my head, and my production stopped, I was
really going nuts.
to work