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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I love the end of the year.
It gives me time to reflect on the passing year.
I am cleaning out my studio this week.  Pulled in a large trash container and so far, it's been filled once and working on #2.  Good to get fresh surroundings along with a fresh perspective for next year.

I have a lot to be grateful for. 

author unknown

I have worked hard to bring more business in, and happy to say my hard work is paying off.
In doing so, I have neglected my own health at times, and most importantly, my art.

So for the NEW YEAR, I am going to focus on trying to keep more
in balance.

That means, more time for me.  Eating healthier, exercising more, you know, all those
New Year resolutions that we all make.  I am a giver, but not so much to myself.

I am turning a page in a lot of areas of my life this year.  Learning to forgive.  Learning to let go.
Learning to only allow the positive into my daily life.  Counting my blessings.
So much unneccessary junk that pulls me down, I now know it's too toxic for me.
Toxic attitudes, toxic people. 
Thanks, but no thanks.

will be exciting.
I have new ideas for my business. 
My beautiful kids are moving back which means I won't be a faraway granny any more.
I want to try new art mediums.
I am scheduling a PLAY day for myself at least twice a month, minimum.

Life is too short.
Losing a good friend to cancer at way too young of an age.
Makes you think, you know.
Precious time whirls by.

So I will walk with purpose and intent and keep myself

blessings to all

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


In the grand scheme of holiday
I decided to light up my dark entry to my studio.  This is accessed through the garage.. my side of the garage where I warehouse all my Lunar Designs stock and all my ART stock.. the funky and the junky. 
The lighting in this part of the garage is marginal at best.  And as you approach my door, it's dark.. even with the lights on in the day!  So.  I thought
It lights up the entry, it makes me
 and it's GROOVY!

Which is about all I have had time for today.  I am wrapping up last minute orders, did manage to ship
one holiday gift and waiting for UPS to deliver more of my card stock so I can print more cards.

It snowed today and the holiday bug is starting to come alive for me.
Just wanted to share my twinkle today!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


BLEAK outside.
Being a NON-WINTER person, I still love having snow around the holidays.
If everything was green outside, then NO SNOW would be fine with me.
But now that the holidays are looming ahead, and skiers are eyeing the mtns, yep, we need snow.

I have a HUGE amount of catch up here in the studio.  Plus lots of holidays lists to tackle.
But I am in dire need of an ART DAY!  For REAL.

So hoping that as my work week progresses, I can make room for ART.
Because I am starting to get the no art jitters.

I did whip out a new design for Lunar yesterday.
Appropriate for this time of year, YES?

doodle-doo everyone!

Friday, December 9, 2011



Counting my blessings.  Big Time.  LOTS of days where BUSY would be a mild way to express it.

Wholesale orders coming in steadily.
  (Pause for GRATEFUL.)

Every weekend SHOW FAIRS.
 (Pause for GRATEFUL.) 

Learning to take time to catch my breath,
honoring my SELF.
 (Pause for GRATEFUL.) 

Having had to push my priorities back to focus on my business has been
REWARDING.. on many levels.
 (Pause for GRATEFUL.) 

Most of all?
here's my sign


 I am respecting others but not allowing the DRAMA
to cross my boundaries. 
Felt myself tipping and entering into a very dangerous territory.
Been there before, and know the SIGNS.
It's all GOOD.

Now I am surfacing and am going to embrace the holidays.  Parties and Festive Happenings.

And some well needed REJUVENTATION is in order.

Having some time with my husband, who I so love spending quality time with. 

Now, that is truly living the ART-FULL life.



Sunday, October 30, 2011


Let me set the scene...
work surface full of paint, etc...
and happy messy fun.
The stockpile of signs.
Some funny, some inspirational,
some just nonsense.

Hanging on the studio wall, and a wall in the hall that I have extended for
"gallery" space.  Suffice to say I am always filling nail holes in the wall..

I have spent two days working on these while listening to Solomon's Song by Bryce Courtenay.
It's the 3rd book in a series and  I have thoroughly enjoyed them.  The 1st and 2nd books were
actually read  but I couldn't find a copy of the 3rd book except on tape.  Which was fine... I have
really loved this book..  highly recommended reading/listening.  I love reading but am limited to how much I can find time to read.  So books on tape is a great way to "read" while I work in my studio.   My idea of a
wonderful vacation is a good book and a quiet spot on the beach.  Or a quiet spot by a lake.
that too.

but now must clean house.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Working on a series of fun signs with wit, wisdom and humor.
These will go in my booth at upcoming shows.
I discovered a ladder makes an excellent drying rack!

This one is done..

This one on the side is the first one I did several weeks ago.
It inspired me to make more.

I ADORE this one
and will make more with this saying because I
am predicting it to be a good sell.

I got the various wood pieces FREE from a local cabinet shop.
I had been visiting their dumpster and occasionally getting pieces of wood.
But needing a stack, I decided to go in the back door of the shop and
ask if they had any funky scrap wood they could give me for free.
The guy that helped me was really nice.
I asked him his name, and he said "Chris"
Oh.. that's my son's name and I extended my hand to shake his and
told him my name.
He smiled and replied,
"My mom's name is Linda too" 

We both smiled at the connection..
I always feel such joy when a
serendipitous moment occurs in our life.

What inspired me to go inside and ask for the wood scraps?


1. If you do not GO after what
you want, you'll never have it.

2. If you do not ASK, the answer
will always be NO.

3.  If you do not step forward, you'll
always be in the same place.

That was in my head that morning.
And of course,
I have made a sign of this..

which is now drying..
so I will post it later.

till then.

have an inspiring day.


Monday, October 24, 2011


This time of year, I escape from my studio and take part in as many fall - holiday festivals as I can manage.
I love the interaction with people, I love the one to one selling and the challenge of presentation.  This photo was taken in the auditorium in Montrose at their Fair Grounds.  Setting up without my Easy-Up is a little tougher, but I managed.  Next event is the first weekend in Rifle at the Rifle Middle School.  Then the following weekend it's Unique Boutique here in Glenwood Springs.  I needed to stimulate my own economy and this is a great way for me to get out.  Plus I often will make contacts for prospective wholesale accounts.  A lot of work, yes.  But the rewards are worth it.
In my studio... little happy holiday wreaths are popping up as fast as I can make them. Last year I made some of these small fabric wreaths, for friends and family.  I love the happy bright colors and decided to make some to sell at the upcoming shows.  I also have my fabric ties on a garland with white lights.  It brings fun color ino my booth and makes me smile. 
Speaking of smiling.....
With the cold weather coming on, I moved my Banana tree into the dining room.  Despite the hardy banana's ability to weather cold temps...  I couldn't risk losing this! It's my little hold onto tropical island longings. This weekend we worked hard and long in the yard cutting back all the flowers, shrubs and tall grasses to bed down for winter which is fast approaching.  A huge load of clippings were loaded into the truck and taken to the local landfill.  And we worked on the refinishing the front door.  And we bought a new chandlier to hang in our entry way.  There simply wasn't enough time in the day to finish our long list of to dos! 

Now I wake to a week full of work and smiles.  And the best of all news?    An angel has landed in my heart and I am keeping my heart tight and sacred for the news that came to me on Friday.  Despite the concerns and worries that are bubbling up, I am focusing on the promise of a dream that has been with me for a long time now.  A smile and laugh that tinkles in my head.  A love that makes me feel like I am walking on the Moon.  A little girl that makes my heart melt.  Emalie. My sweetest little angel.  Her mama and papa are moving back to Colorado.. bringing me a gift that I can hardley believe will really happen.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  My heart strings tied tight. 
may you have a day filled with light and hope too.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


why I blog...
not to be recognized by others...
but to recognize what is in my heart.


I have long admired the wisdom that comes in children's books.  Seems some of our most complicated times in our lives can really be so simply solved.  I often look for simple solutions.. try to weed out the unnecessary and keep the core issues in view.  EGO is often the weed that over takes the issues.  Maturity  will balance the EGO and in time, we hope, EGO will subside.  My mantra lately has been
  Keep the core issue in sight. 
One of my most favorite books that I was gifted with was

I recommend it to any woman - any age.

One of my most "This is what I know now" ahhhaaas is this.
I am learning to accept some people for who they are.  I would like to change them... to help them come into
a better place in their world.  This is especially true of someone who I love dearly.  But I am projecting my beliefs onto them.  Who am I to say what is best for them?  What I try to do is offer  my support on their terms, if they ask.  I have friends who go through trials and challenges and often all they need is just someone to vent with.  I also have long believed that LOVE means I love you no matter what.  Unconditional LOVE.  Not that I will let you walk all over me.  But I will allow you your path. 
My husband and I are learning about elderly life through our moms.  I often try to put myself in their shoes.  I think the thing that is most unsetteling for older folk, is the threat of losing their SELF and respect and understanding from others.    We adult children try to help and guide, but there is often a resistance to our help.  Here's where I have learned:
allow some time and space.  Their path is theirs.. and as with anyone, walk a mile in their shoes.
Compassion is what I am talking about.

I had a great friend who was 30 years older than me.. from my parents' generation.  She was spry, very opinionated, and very kind.  I complimented her on how viavacious she was at her age.
She smiled, thanked me, and replied:
"Getting old ain't for sissies."

Wise words from a wise woman. 

Years ago, living in an unhappy place in my life, I would go to sleep at night and invision a cabin in the woods. It was my sanctuary where I could someday live. A place where I could live without fear of criticism or unkind consequences.  I built that cabin in my mind every night for over a year.  Every room, every detail is still vivid in my mind.  There was a huge fireplace in the living room..  the heart of the cabin.  Above the fireplace made of stone, embedded in the wall, a huge beam of wood.  And on that beam I carved
these words:

Because in my first two marriages, that was the over riding rule... to sit down, shut up and not rock the boat.
If I ever list regrets in my life, it will be that I didn't shun this rule and learn to be more outspoken.
Speaking our truth in kindness shouldn't be a bad thing.
So when I read this Dr.Suess quote, it resinated with me. 

And that cabin? I live there now.  Because it's in my heart and soul...  my inner sanctuary.
It is where I go when life hurls hate, meaness and sadness at me.
And that wooden beam with the carved words?
.... still glowing from the soft warm light, the edges of the wood worn
where I have traced it with my fingers.

May we all find peace and harmony.
May we all have respect and understanding.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


done... I had to whip out this art for an upcoming show.. to be delivered next Monday.
Never mind that I have known about this show for months.
Last minute creating.

But I really am happy with the way it turned out.
I think I was thinking about the love of my mama.
All the care she gave me and  how loving she is with my daughter and my grandaugher.
She is so loving and generous.
at times to a fault.

So this is about mother's care and love and
how blessed I have been to have her in my life.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There is a LOT OF LOVE here.
Counting my blessings this morning.  Thinking about how much I love my mom.  How blessed that Emalie has had time to spend with her on this last visit.  Mom was telling Emalie how Opa died.  Emalie was listening so intently.  Afterwards, when we left Oma's house, Emalie must of said 6  different times.... "poor Opa."
I wish Dad was still here... for so many reasons.  He would of melted with Emalie.  She is such a loving little girl.  But she gets that from her mom.. and my mom.
I surround these two with love and light.
my mantra for the day

"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, 
you would never think a negative thought"

Peace Pilgrim 

Monday, September 26, 2011



Keeping my eye on the upcoming season...
work ahead..
even if I am still thinking summer... where did it go?


I had a list a mile long for Sunday.  After a way busy few weeks:  weekend before last was Winefest in Palisade, and then this past Saturday was Octoberfest here in GWS... PHEW.  Yesterday was
my day to catch up, and start on some art that is due to be delivered a week from  today.  Never mind that I have known about this show for months, and it's only one piece, maybe two mind you. 
Dan and I was invited to go on a motorcyle ride with two good friends: Scott and Vona.  Then Dan asked Bob and Linda to come too.  Everyone was meeting for breakfast here in town so I opted to go to breakfast then head home for chores.  Well during breakfast, I was getting pangs of longing to go too.  It was a gorgeous day.. fall is staring to come out here in the mtns.  And I haven't been out for a  nice ride for a long time.  So I announced I wanted to come too. Everyone ran back to our house, so I could grab by jacket, helmet and pink high tops and away we went.  That's me and Dan in the front and Scott and Vona behind us.

Over McClure and down into Paonia we went, and the colors were spectacular.  We stopped at the local Harvestfest to scope out the happenings..
Here's me and Vona.. we were cracking up while Linda took our picture.  Then we headed down the road and turned off to head up over the Grand Mesa.  We stopped in Cedaredge to have lunch. Dan and I checked out the RV park in town because next weekend we will be there for Applefest.  I drive over this Friday with my Subaru loaded and will set up my booth friday afternoon.  Then Dan and Marley come over Friday evening in the RV and we will stay two nights in town.  It's a fun weekend.. and I hope I do really well with sales.  I have been doing these to make extra income.. it's a lot of work, but I love the atmosphere and energy of these events.  I am blessed to have Dan help out.. love that man.
I wish I had more pictures of our ride.  I was having such a great time, I forgot to pull out my camera.   These are from Linda.. thanks sweetie.

Friday, September 23, 2011


picked raspberries while sipping my coffee
found more ripe tomatoes
talked to mom
smiled and kissed my sweet Dan.
hugged Marley.

And speaking of doing my own thing?
This is my blog.
I am allowed to say what I want.
You don't like it?
You don't have to come here and read it.
Free will.
Free country.
And if you want to talk about it?
I' m here..
Have a NICE DAY!
because that's what I am doing.
and will do SAME tomorrow everafter.
Here's my daily prayer...


embrace that prayer.
pass it on.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Not the best picture, I had to snap it from the back deck.  But this cutie was perched on the wire fence, just scanning the yard.  I LOVE the way he has his feet... hanging on.  He sat there for quite some time.  And I thought, this is me.  This is how my summer has gone.  WAY busy, and WAY too much on my agenda, and not nearly enough time for ART.  And me just hanging in there, getting as much done as I can and not fretting too much over the fact that I am not getting as much done as I would like... which I would like to think is really mature of me
That being said, SUMMER IS WANING. Which makes me really sad. But I have to admit, when winter gets here, it does allow me for more time for my art.  I have been spending nearly everyday wandering the garden, pulling some weeds, picking tomatoes, marveling at nature, and just "BEING". 

Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Dad's passing.  It's shocking to think he has been gone for 3 years.
I don't think there is a day go by when I don't think of him.  It can be a beautiful sunrise, a glimpse of a deer in the woods, a tree that is growing crooked, or a song on the radio that brings a smile to my face.  Just little quips of life that make me want to share with Dad.  And perhaps he is still here to share, somehow.

I have Mom here with us for a few weeks.  Rescued from her life in Denver.  Not necessary to go into detail, but I was happy to run to Denver and bring her back for a well needed escape. Speaking of HANGIN ON..  She is getting weary of her present living arrangements.  She needs more  company.  Certainly HAPPY and POSITIVE people around her.    We are waiting patiently for an opening at a senior complex and I am hoping it happens soon.  I think she is ready at last to live on her own.  I so long for her to be happy.  Living with grumpy people is like Chinese water torture.  I have done it.  It sucks.  I am so blessed to be gifted with my parents' happy and cheerful spirit.

Because mom is showing signs of wear.  Grumpy people can do that to a cheerful spirit.  Their black cloud is
tough to abide.  I know Dad is with her and keeping an eye on things.  But I am beginning to think if she can't move in a reasonable amount of time, it might be time to look at other alternatives.  With what time she has left on this earth, it should be in a cheerful happy enviroment.  Happy people just don't survive long in gloomy
surroundings.  It's like a drought that hits a rain forest.  Things begin to wilt.  And I am seeing Mom wilt.
Gloomy people are comfortable in their black clouds.  But unfortunately, they want to pull you in... share their load.  And that's when it gets NOT GOOD.  Been there, done that. 

Sending you love Dad.  Never fear, I will keep my eye on things for you.  I miss you.

Monday, August 22, 2011


First came a local pie contest that needed a design.
Then came a fun sketch on the couch watching tv last night.
Out came the watercolors and ink pen and my pie royalty appeared.
This morning, some photoshop time, and a new
design was born.  The actual pie contest design is similar...
This design will go on an apron and kitchen towel to be awarded to the GRAND pie maker at tomorrow night's Glenwood's Downtown Market 1st annual pie contest. Pies, you see, are near and dear to my heart.   My mom has baked some amazing pies in her day.. the kind that make your knees feel week when you bite into a warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting over the pie.  I can make a decent pie, but I think it's only a mere mortal's attempt at Mom's great pies.  My grandmother used to make homemade  canned mincemeat and every Thanksgiving and Christmas we would line up for a piece of her mincmeat.  If you have never had the real McCoy homemade mincemeat pie, instead of the horrible boughten stuff they sell in the stores, you have missed a savory piece of pie history.
Even as kids, me and my clan of cousins, LOVED her mincemeat pies.  I wish she were here to bring one of her mincemeat pies.  I would be willing to bet, it would bring the grand prize.
ta for now

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Roosters, honey, cherries, pears and mom's pie.
What a blast I had doing this series!  Already sold two.. a chicken and coffee themed art.
I want to do more of these..
when I get TIME~
need more time for art.
my daily cry!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Tall and almost ready to bloom.
can't wait!

These are the little spots in my garden that make me smile.
Blooms from the hens & chicks popping up around the garden critters.

Clematis bloom..

It has been a month of company.  All wonderful times.. lots of activity with family.  Very little art time.
Emalie was here with her mom for 18 days.
We had so much fun.  I tried to absorb every laugh, smile, kiss and hug.
Emalie painted flowers on my studio wall.. a perfect happy rememberance of her
time here. 
ART is love. 
LOVE is Family.
FAMILY is heart.

Friday, July 15, 2011


the most loveliest of evenings on the deck watching
the moon come up full and bright making the clouds
all have silver linings.
It filled my heart with pure wonder at nature
and overwhelming feelings of being so blessed in my life.

Emalie with a bouquet of flowers we picked from the garden together.
I thought about my son's favorite nursery rhyme when he was about Emalie's age.

Moses supposes

His toes are roses,

But Moses supposes


For nobody's toeses

Are posies of roses,

As Moses supposes

His toeses to be.
 and then I remember Singing in the Rain..  life is just so fun!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


my girls are here for a couple of wonderful weeks...
such a blessing...

can hardley wait for the yummies...

Dahlias... so beautiful.

These petunias are such a fun color.
I spotted some orange mango colored petunias in
someone's hanging pots..
must find the source for those!

Love the vines filling in the window frame.

always make me smile.

Summer is 1/2 over and I am promising myself to take time to smell the flowers before they are gone.
I would love to live somewhere where I could have a garden year round.  So I must relish everyday of summer's bounty.  We have had lots of lovely rain and the garden is just singing!
Art is LIFE.
I am living my ART this summer.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Works in progress
The small watercolor sitting on top of the panel on the upper right is ready to be mounted on the ironing board piece.  I am waiting on a retro apron and child's iron that will added to the ironing board piece.
Can't wait for this to be done.

Mom's pies
waiting on a child's wooden rolling pin that I will add to this assemblage piece.
I also need to get plexi-glass pieces cut to cover the watercolor art.  This has been such a fun
series that I have been working on. 
I just need

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


prepping a birch panel
texture and paint
more panels ready

First one done.
Sour Cherries.
Watercolor paper, sealed and mounted on birch panel.
Old wooden kitchen spoon and a recipe for Sour Cherry Pie
from an old cook book.

A wonderful time in the studio this morning.
Thoroughly enjoyed the watercolor time, which is my first true love for a medium.
Am really pleased with the outcome.
Topped off the piece with an old kitchen door handle.
I like it.
Happy Birthday to me.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


My husband bought me this nearly new 5 speed ladies cruiser bike at an amazing price at a yard sales last Saturday.  Shiny black it was crying for some ARTFUL additions.   First I POLKA DOTTED the entire frame with turquoise dots.  Then I added some colorful FLOWERS on the basket.. which is removeable..  very handy.
Then I found some funky colorful TASSELS at Pier 1 which were terrific for the ends on the bike handles.

I still need a ding-a-ling bell and a friend even suggested I clip on a Queen of Hearts card with a clothes pin.
Sounds fun.. and reminded me how I used to do that as a kid.  But I do have to say, I love the sounds of nature as I peddle along.  I will wear my Converse pink high tops whenever I ride my new bike.
I have decided to name her Petula, in rememberance of my art car, Petula.
So I need to do an art sign with the name Petula somewhere on the bike.
Make my heart SING.
Life is GOOD!
ta for now

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Our Red Hawthorn tree (also called May tree) is full blooming now.

Here's a close up... the flowers are bright red/pink with a little yellow in the center.  They look like tiny roses.

It's absolutely breath taking.. 
ART in nature.
We are inspired.