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Saturday, April 30, 2011


So, the big wedding day was Friday.  I am not a big whoowhoo person.  I don't follow all the
tra-la-la stuff on royal shindigs and happenings, nor really any famous celebrities for that matter.
One of our fashionistas from the farmer's market Sue (4th from the left) hosted this wedding party.
The girls wanted to actually do a pajama party and watch the wedding live, which would of been 2 a.m. mountain standard time.  I kept shaking my head no and thankfully, they finally decided to tape the wedding and we would watch it Friday evening at Sue's.
So we dressed.  I came as Fergie which was easy because I could wear jeans and a t shirt!!!!  ( my kind of dress up!!)  and it was fun.  Even I had to admit it was fun.
And it was a good news for a change...  with all the war, the big terrible storm that tore up the south and took lives, all that is so heart breaking to hear.
But seeing two people who have fallen in love, get married and kiss and the world watched and smiled.
Well, that was nice if I do say so myself.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Springtime..  love the smells, love the green, love new growth.  We have had LOTS of rain which is a gift to the garden.  The cherry tree is starting to blossom and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the frost stays away so the cherries will be abundant this summer. 
The apricot tree is glorious in bloom.. and I am again hoping for a good summer crop. 

The rain can be a little overwhelming sometimes but when you look out and see how the plants and trees are responding to all this abundant moisture, then you feel a little guilty complaing about the succession of cloudy days we have had!
Nature is so inspiring!!
ta for now

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Still love to doodle and now and then, I let the pen just go with wild fun.  I am so ready for spring.
We had a big rain storm last night and the ground is now covered with debris from the trees.  We have cottonwood trees, huge towering things behind our property.  These are not the cottonwoods that
send out puffy cotton, but they do produce sprigs of seeds called catkins.. and LOTS of them.  They are mulberry colored and each blossom has about 3 to 4 sprigs.  They cover our cars, the yard.. I have been sweeping them up daily.  Worse, when they get wet, that mulbery color will slightly stain your car! And the seed pods that you see at the base of the these sprigs, are sticky and leave a bit of sap on your car.
Oh, the bounty of spring!  If catkins were pennies, I would be rich! 
Yesterday, I noticed little chickadees fluttering around the front of cars parked by the resturant.  As I watched, they were jumping up onto the front bumpers of cars and picking the bugs out of the grills.
Isn't nature amazing?
ta for now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Spring is peeking around the yard this weekend.

Sure signs we are getting spring weather here in the mountains.

Rescued wicker chair from the town's spring clean up.. tossed in a pile of yard debris to be picked up.
I brought the chair home, found a can of blue paint on sale at Lowe's and tada.. new chair.  Next
came the two rocker patio metal chairs.. once a dark green, now painted a perky spring green.
Then three new cushions and TADA!!!!  a nice set for the front porch. 

And last, a new collage painting I did for Dan and me.  I made one similar for my son and his
honey, and liked it so well, I decided to make one for Dan and me.
lentil soup for dinner tonight.
It's cool and cloudy and soup sounds delicious!
ta for now

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

and a month later....

I cannot believe it's been over a month since I have been here.  Time has been flying by.  Lots of new art for art shows, spring yard clean ups between snow storms, mom visiting, end of ski season parties, oh the list goes on and on.

So, this morning, I decided to move the little hutch over in the corner of our dining room to open up more room around the table.  Which then meant I had to rearrange the "gallery art".  The walls of our great room are painted a lovely soft wheat yellow and for some reason, that soft glowing color isn't showing up in these photos.  But then it's a cloudy day.  I have several large pots of flowers that are wintering inside (one is the huge geranium that is by the patio door).  Those will move outside when the weather finally warms up.
We have had some lovely spring days, and some typical snow days.. the usual spring time in the rockies.

It's always fun to rearrange.  Keeps the energy flowing through the house.  And springtime is always a perfect time to spruce up the homestead, both inside and out.  I am itching for summer.  My favorite time of the year.

And I vow to work on Dad's shrine art that I want to do.  Especially since Dad came by in my dream last night.  It was a quick visit, and then he blew me a kiss goodbye.  It has left me very nostalgic today.

ta for now

ahhhh.. summer is around the corner