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Saturday, April 30, 2011


So, the big wedding day was Friday.  I am not a big whoowhoo person.  I don't follow all the
tra-la-la stuff on royal shindigs and happenings, nor really any famous celebrities for that matter.
One of our fashionistas from the farmer's market Sue (4th from the left) hosted this wedding party.
The girls wanted to actually do a pajama party and watch the wedding live, which would of been 2 a.m. mountain standard time.  I kept shaking my head no and thankfully, they finally decided to tape the wedding and we would watch it Friday evening at Sue's.
So we dressed.  I came as Fergie which was easy because I could wear jeans and a t shirt!!!!  ( my kind of dress up!!)  and it was fun.  Even I had to admit it was fun.
And it was a good news for a change...  with all the war, the big terrible storm that tore up the south and took lives, all that is so heart breaking to hear.
But seeing two people who have fallen in love, get married and kiss and the world watched and smiled.
Well, that was nice if I do say so myself.

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