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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Just in time.
I had so much to do this weekend.  We tackled a long list of chores around the house and yard. I had to finish this piece to take to the Glenwood Springs Art Center for the show WILD WOMEN today.. last day to deliver the art.  I have a series of small 6 x 6 assemblage art women to take as well. The larger 24 x 36 piece will compliment the colors and style of the 5 smaller assemblages.  I am learning it works better to create a cohesive grouping in shows. 
Today is BEAUTIFUL.  Sunny and promises of warm sunshine for the next few days.  The three day weekend was COLD and WINDY and RAINY at times.  But we kept busy and really, I was happy not to be camping somewhere cursing the cold weather.  You wanted hot soup this weekend.. not hot dogs!
Spring time in the Rockies.. always exciting.  Last night we had a freeze warning, so I covered all my tender plants to protect against frost.  And good thing, because it did frost lightly last night.
Today I have to tackle WORK in the studio.
When really, I would love to be in the garden pulling dandelions..
they will get another day before I end their reign.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


View from the deck..  our back yard is terraced and is starting to come out in it's green summer growth.
I decided this summer to add more art to the garden.  And to take more time working in the garden
this summer. I love doing that, but seem to run out of time.  And this summer, I plan on devoting much more
time to the garden.  It's good for heart and soul.

Here's a closer look.  The chair was cheap and I liked the color.  It has a woven jute kind of seat but to keep the chair seat in better shape, I decided to put a tray under the pot. 
It's a fun look.. and I like hanging the chair and hope to add more funky chairs through the summer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Starting on a new painting this morning!  SUNSHINE OUTSIDE!!!!
Dash outside and be a lizard soaking up some of the golden wonderful warmth.
We have had LOTS of rain, way more than we are used to.  We live here for the
beautiful blue Colorado skies and tons of sunshine.  So for us, a few weeks of RAIN
gets to us rather quickly. 
Mind you, the garden is greening up with the gush of some drunken lush!  And that is
the icing on the gloom cake for us.  The hills are green around us, the lawns emerald green, the flowers are
staring to show amazing promise.  Our lilacs are full out.  It's heady to say the least.
But I have missed the sunshine.
So today I am emersing myself in working on the above painting.  I have to get some art ready for the upcoming Wild Women Art Show at the local art center.  And par for the course, I am working on it
last minute..  between rain storms and sparse sunshine.
Stay tuned for the addition of a goat. 
and blue skies.
and some trumpet vines.
ta for now

Monday, May 23, 2011


Isn't this sweet?  I bought this from an artist friend.. it's small and I planted a purple Clematis vine which will grow fast.  In time, I will add a taller trellis that hopefully I can create from tall poles and incorporate it with the existing trellis.  Now for another view.... 

I had this torso piece in my bathroom and decided it was time to go outside.  I really like it on the fence.  In time, I would like to add more art on the fence. Like old painted chairs that I can add planters into.
That fence is just an old chain link.. which has very little character.   There are vines that will grow and fill in as the summer progresses, but I would like to add chairs and birdhouses for more whimsey.
So that will be my summer project when I spot fun cheap chairs and birdhouses at yard sales and thrift stores.  Plus this garden is visable from our windows so of course, it will be enjoyed from inside and out!
ta for now

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


a new painting just started...

Willie napping in a box in the garage..
note towel - cat hair proofing attempt....

a little colorful fun on the front porch....

a hardy banana plate I bought at Lowe's..
This will summer on the deck then come inside for winter.
Another tropical yearning on my part!

A pile of kitchen towels and aprons that will be shipped out today.

That's the latest from the studio on Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Starting a series of small art pieces to get ready for an upcoming spring show of Whimsical Women.  There will be 20 artistans and it will be held at the lovely Four Mile Bed & Breakfast here in Glenwood Springs.
Besides taking my Lunar Designs products, I also will be taking a lot of art.  I am working on small and affordable.  My goal is to create pieces that are fun and easy on the pocket! 
I love creating on a regular basis and I haven't been doing that lately.  Spring always seems to be
a time of things to do a mile long and I often let my early morning art time slide while I focus on other things to
do.  sigh.  And when I don't have my early morning art time, I start to feel a hole in my soul. 
So I am promising myself to keep my art time at the top of the list as much as possible. 
But that will also include some art time in the garden.
I CHOOSE to be creative.
I CHOOSE to be fruitful.
ta for now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Discovered this big fat bandit mushroom growing in my hibiscus plant!!!!  I have two of these plants which have been wintering in the dining room enjoying a sunny warm season patiently waiting for warmer weather.

Look at the size of this monster!!!!  I have cedar planks around the base of the plants.. to keep our cat from using the planters as convenient pottie places.  Wondering if the mushroom spores came from these cedar shingles?  They were used, recycled off a roof of a shed.  When Willie decided mid winter, it was easier to use the nice soft dirt in these planters rather than go outside, I had to put a stop to it.  Because, he won't use the litter box unless absolutely necessary. 

Yes you...  leisure boy.
Doesn't he look like he is really concerned about all  this.....
ta for now

Monday, May 2, 2011


This toolbox was passed on to me from my husband.
After cleaning it up, I found a spot for it above my drawing table.
Before I kept all my drawing pencils, colored pencils, etc in an assortment of coffee mugs.
They would start out seperated and neat, and then end up in a mass of confusion.

So yesterday I sat down and seperated my collection.  I have a nice array of colored pencils
from high quality colored pencils, to watercolor pencils, to pastel pencils, and charcoal pencils,
and oil pastels. 

I cut corrugated wedges to create compartments within the drawers
and then labeled the outside drawers.

I am really pleased with the end results.
And hoping I can keep these in a nice orderly fashion!
It's a fun way to repurpose a tool box,
don't you think?

Sunday, May 1, 2011


yes, he is.
I had this in a local art show last month, and thankfully, he was not adopted by anyone and has come home to mama.  I had such a fun time making this piece.  I had found the aluminum lunch box months ago and
knew it would be a perfect find for some future art assemblage. 
woof... here he is.

His head is made from an old bird feeder that I had bought for my dad years ago.  It had fallen apart and
my father saved it in his collection of stuff.  I inherited back when Dad passed, and finally found
a perfect use for it.  The dog's ears are shoe tongues that I cut out of a pair of men's dress shoes.
The eyes are bottle caps attached by large pop rivets.  When I was riveting them on, I was holding my breath and praying that I wouldn't crack the wook with the pressure of the rivet gun.  PHEW!!!  No cracks.

The top of the bird feeder had this lovely top so it was attached creating a nice jaunty hat. The dog's tongue is cut from an old water bottle. The legs of course, are old carpenter folding rulers.  I love his profile.
Initially, I thought I would create a stand for him but he sits nicely on his belly and appears to be leaping
with JOY!  And now I am happy he is perched playfully here at home.  Sometimes it's nice to live with your creations.  He makes me smile!
                                              HAPPY SMILES TO YOU....  TA