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Monday, May 2, 2011


This toolbox was passed on to me from my husband.
After cleaning it up, I found a spot for it above my drawing table.
Before I kept all my drawing pencils, colored pencils, etc in an assortment of coffee mugs.
They would start out seperated and neat, and then end up in a mass of confusion.

So yesterday I sat down and seperated my collection.  I have a nice array of colored pencils
from high quality colored pencils, to watercolor pencils, to pastel pencils, and charcoal pencils,
and oil pastels. 

I cut corrugated wedges to create compartments within the drawers
and then labeled the outside drawers.

I am really pleased with the end results.
And hoping I can keep these in a nice orderly fashion!
It's a fun way to repurpose a tool box,
don't you think?

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