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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Let's do it all over again.  I love selling art and then having to make MORE!!!  yes!!!!
This girl will be going over to the art center to fill in a vacancy made by a sale.  I used to feel a little sad when I sold some art.  When you invest your soul into a piece, it's a little tug at your heart strings to see your creation go.  Then you remind yourself it's such an honor when someone is touched enough by your art that they are willing to pay for it.  So you smile and know it means you now can create more.  Always cheers me immensely.  I need to make more more more.  Three spaces to fill at the center, and then want to build up a nice inventory for the Tuesday Farmer's Markets in town. 
to my work..
and a sunshine day filled with a blue sky that makes you want to fly high and free.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Marley is waiting for the fun to start.

Okay, this is looking like more fun!

It's so fun to take Marley in the mtns.  He is so alive and full of energy!!!  I love the way dogs take
the simple things in life, and turn it into the most joyful!
We went for a hike then rode the 4 wheelers. Marley ran for a bit, then was ready to jump on board to ride too.  It was the best of fun on a beautiful sunlit day in the mtns. 
The skunk cabbage is growing lush.. (the tall big leaf plants beside Marley)  I love this stuff.  It's my childhood.  When we would go camping when I was a kid, before tent trailers, etc.  We would pitch our tent and then Dad and I would go cut down a
big bunch of skunk cabbage.  We would lay it down in a nice thick layer, and then our sleeping bags would go on top of the bed of skunk cabbage.  I would go to sleep smelling the faint smell of skunk cabbage.
Best memories can make even skunk cabbage a treasure!

Ahhh... I love this guy!!!
and today is Marley's 2nd birthday!!!!

And I love this guy too..  Happy Father's Day Dan.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ahhh... so sweet.  Marley is so little here in this picture.  Only 6 weeks old!  His birthday is coming up on the 20th!  He will be two years old.  He has become a big part of our family.  Emalie adored him and Stephanie too.  They took him for walks, runs and romps nearly everyday.  Stephanie found him a best friend at the park, a sweet dog named Oso.  We now coordinate our park time with Oso and his owner Pablo so the two can run wildly and play!
 This morning I took a walk in the garden to see what was blooming new.  And Marley was with me, smelling the flowers and enjoying the cool morning breeze.

Which prompted him to take a nap.
(I think his legs are longer, can he still be growing?)
Life is so sweet for Marley.
He knows how to live ART-FULLY and be in the NOW!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


"Each man [is] the architect of his own fortune."
                                                                                                — Appius Caecus: Early Roman political figure and road builder

I am not really a glitzy kind of gal.  I bought these to wear to Wild Women and low and behold, they really make me happy when I wear them!  And I found the loveliest purple nail polish and yesterday for my birthday, I wore my sparkle sandals and purple polish.  It made me so HAPPY! 
Now that my girls are gone, I am going to jump (with sparkle feet and purple toes) with much vim and vigor into my art.  Something has shifted in me, and I am determined to market my art, and turn my business into
more profit.. plus having a blast doing it.  This economy can work in my favor.  My art is happy.. and
happy is a good thing these days!  Doing the local Farmer's Market here in Glenwood (which starts next Tuesday).  I am beefing up my inventory and selling in more places.  I have many ideas, and plan to
DO IT!!!
Because I am ready.
Even my toes are ready!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


 I am back in my studio, sans the girls, and focusing on my business and art.  The two months
were precious and fun and wacky!!  The goodbye at the airport was bittersweet.  Pretty cool to have 4 generations of us in the photo. We did the Denver zoo the day before, pushing mom in a rented wheelchair
for 3 three hours.  But well worth it, because her poor feet could have never withstood the pounding.  It was, of course, more fun to watch Emalie reacting to all the zoo animals, and she did score a mama flamingo and baby flamingo that now reside in Hawaii!!!

Much new art on the horizon, local farmer's market to stock up for, and keeping the art flowing at the art center.  It's all wonderful and good.  And quiet!!!
I am so ready to turn on the creative juices!!!  WAHOO!!!!
NOW!! let it flow!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It was the best two months ever!  I am a far-away granny most of the time.  So having my granddaughter here and her mom for two months was pure bliss.  Emalie adores doing art and we did a lot of fun art together.  She has an independent spirit and was always so intent on doing what she invisioned.  Never mind that she was four, she was determined.  She would ask for help, but you had to follow her directions.  That
sassy attitude will keep her on the good red road!  Authentic is what you see in her.  I took the moments out of every day, busy or not, to focus on NOW.  To hold her tight and smell she sweetness.  To listen to her babble, or her musical laugh.  As you can well imagine, it's really quiet here today.  The girls are home on their lovely island of Kauai and enjoying their paradise with Robert:  husband/father.  I know they are all thrilled to be back in the family core and loving each other.  Thank you Robert for graciously sharing your girls with us.
  I also had a wonderful time with my daughter.  We are easy going together.  It's nice to have had so much time with her.  She's an amazing mama.  We lost 10 pounds together.. inspired each other to be healthy and
she helped me with so many projects around the studio and house. 
  So NOW I am back on my own schedule.. which is nice, but I do miss their sweet energy.  We are hoping to do this again next summer.  Which will be another reason I love summer.
    NOW to work.  ta.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wild Women Art Show

Woke up this morning, scheduled to hang my art at the Wild Women Art Show at 10:30  at our local
Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, and decided to do one more art doll to round out my total number
of 6!  So I quickly got to work in my jammies, and Angel Heart was born.  Her face is a temperature gauge with some lovely old screen wings, rusty and faded from it's white paint.  Her legs are cut from an old extention cord..(thanks Dan).  I wanted her to have yellow legs, and could only find this old extention cord in the garage, so had to call my husband to see if I could cut off a length.  It is so great to have an understanding partner!!  She is holding a wooden heart in her hands.

  Along with the dogs and cats, the wall made a nice showing after I hung them later this morning.
I always think it will be a fast hour to hang a few pieces, and it turns into 3 hour job.
Already have orders for the dogs..  :) think these are going to be my summer project!  Yippiee!!!

NOW for work orders!  and another Yippiee!!!