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Thursday, June 10, 2010


It was the best two months ever!  I am a far-away granny most of the time.  So having my granddaughter here and her mom for two months was pure bliss.  Emalie adores doing art and we did a lot of fun art together.  She has an independent spirit and was always so intent on doing what she invisioned.  Never mind that she was four, she was determined.  She would ask for help, but you had to follow her directions.  That
sassy attitude will keep her on the good red road!  Authentic is what you see in her.  I took the moments out of every day, busy or not, to focus on NOW.  To hold her tight and smell she sweetness.  To listen to her babble, or her musical laugh.  As you can well imagine, it's really quiet here today.  The girls are home on their lovely island of Kauai and enjoying their paradise with Robert:  husband/father.  I know they are all thrilled to be back in the family core and loving each other.  Thank you Robert for graciously sharing your girls with us.
  I also had a wonderful time with my daughter.  We are easy going together.  It's nice to have had so much time with her.  She's an amazing mama.  We lost 10 pounds together.. inspired each other to be healthy and
she helped me with so many projects around the studio and house. 
  So NOW I am back on my own schedule.. which is nice, but I do miss their sweet energy.  We are hoping to do this again next summer.  Which will be another reason I love summer.
    NOW to work.  ta.

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