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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wild Women Art Show

Woke up this morning, scheduled to hang my art at the Wild Women Art Show at 10:30  at our local
Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, and decided to do one more art doll to round out my total number
of 6!  So I quickly got to work in my jammies, and Angel Heart was born.  Her face is a temperature gauge with some lovely old screen wings, rusty and faded from it's white paint.  Her legs are cut from an old extention cord..(thanks Dan).  I wanted her to have yellow legs, and could only find this old extention cord in the garage, so had to call my husband to see if I could cut off a length.  It is so great to have an understanding partner!!  She is holding a wooden heart in her hands.

  Along with the dogs and cats, the wall made a nice showing after I hung them later this morning.
I always think it will be a fast hour to hang a few pieces, and it turns into 3 hour job.
Already have orders for the dogs..  :) think these are going to be my summer project!  Yippiee!!!

NOW for work orders!  and another Yippiee!!!

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