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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Starting a series of small art pieces to get ready for an upcoming spring show of Whimsical Women.  There will be 20 artistans and it will be held at the lovely Four Mile Bed & Breakfast here in Glenwood Springs.
Besides taking my Lunar Designs products, I also will be taking a lot of art.  I am working on small and affordable.  My goal is to create pieces that are fun and easy on the pocket! 
I love creating on a regular basis and I haven't been doing that lately.  Spring always seems to be
a time of things to do a mile long and I often let my early morning art time slide while I focus on other things to
do.  sigh.  And when I don't have my early morning art time, I start to feel a hole in my soul. 
So I am promising myself to keep my art time at the top of the list as much as possible. 
But that will also include some art time in the garden.
I CHOOSE to be creative.
I CHOOSE to be fruitful.
ta for now.

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