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Sunday, May 1, 2011


yes, he is.
I had this in a local art show last month, and thankfully, he was not adopted by anyone and has come home to mama.  I had such a fun time making this piece.  I had found the aluminum lunch box months ago and
knew it would be a perfect find for some future art assemblage. 
woof... here he is.

His head is made from an old bird feeder that I had bought for my dad years ago.  It had fallen apart and
my father saved it in his collection of stuff.  I inherited back when Dad passed, and finally found
a perfect use for it.  The dog's ears are shoe tongues that I cut out of a pair of men's dress shoes.
The eyes are bottle caps attached by large pop rivets.  When I was riveting them on, I was holding my breath and praying that I wouldn't crack the wook with the pressure of the rivet gun.  PHEW!!!  No cracks.

The top of the bird feeder had this lovely top so it was attached creating a nice jaunty hat. The dog's tongue is cut from an old water bottle. The legs of course, are old carpenter folding rulers.  I love his profile.
Initially, I thought I would create a stand for him but he sits nicely on his belly and appears to be leaping
with JOY!  And now I am happy he is perched playfully here at home.  Sometimes it's nice to live with your creations.  He makes me smile!
                                              HAPPY SMILES TO YOU....  TA

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