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Monday, February 28, 2011



Recycled linoleum painted and cut into doggie parts and then assembled with pop rivets.
Collar made from a black zipper section and eye is a large washer painted black and attached using
a large pop rivet.
Next the wooden cradle board painted with acrylics.  I scribbled a dog verse throughout the background.
and lastly dribbled lime green paint to create grass like effects.  Can you tell I am in the mood for spring?
Waiting for the paint to dry.  Sigh.  I am so impatient. The dribble paint is fun but it takes at least overnight to thoroughly dry.
A happy colorful mutt dancing among the flowers. 
Another wonderful day doing art in my studio.
Joy-full indeed.
donate some art to a worthy cause in your area.
If you are like me, you have a stash that is sitting in your studio.
It makes you feel so good to contribute an art piece for the good.
Whenever I read of a local benefit with a silent auction, I jump up and
donate some art.  Contributing and good feelings.
A nice way to spread the good vibes of ART!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Marley here checking on the new copier that was delivered yesterday.  This is a happy day for me!!!!
I have been struggling for sometime with my old Canon copier knowing full well I was going to have to
make the leap for a new one.  The Canon was my best workhorse here in the studio.  I even named her REMARKABLE! She was:  she lived beyond her years, trudging along, with the help from my tech who didn't feel the same affection for her as I did, but nonetheless, kept her running.  So yesterday I welcomed the new copier and said goodbye to Remarkable.  A little sad to see her go.  We've been working together now for seven years!

And now a new Ricoh. Great Expections indeed.  Perhaps I should name this one Pip.  Surprising  revelation:  These new copiers are smaller and more energy efficient and... (here's the
surprise) cheaper!  wow.. lots cheaper.  Even a year ago, this would of cost so much more.  
So it was delightful to find out my lease cost would be 3/4's less than the lease price I paid for the Canon.
I had opted to do a $1.00  buy out for the Canon... which was the smart thing to do now in hindsight.
Even with the added cost of toner and part supplies and tech repair bills, it still bought me at least 3 more years of service.  But when you start doing incantations over the copier in hopes of a productive day
with no copier glitches, well, it's time. 

So today is a happy day... with Pip onboard.
Yes, I like that name. 
I christen her PIP.
Even though PIP was a boy's name in Great Expectations,
I know her gender..:)
ta for now

Thursday, February 17, 2011



They live on the same block and pal around all the time.
You just never see one without the other.  Co-dependency at it's best.
one.  two.
Finding "hair" for my characters keeps me on constant watch.
I have been known to slowly wander the hardware store with my artist antenne full on.
You just never know what you will find.  Ditto at the thrift shops.  We have some great
thrift shops here locally, but sometimes their selctions are too "nice".  I lean toward the
more junk elite kind of stuff.  Free piles are often a good score place for electic finds.
And till the yard sales start up again this summer, I am kind of limited for sources.

I will tell you what I used for the tall spikey hair.  That one is compliments of my husband.
While he has been known to bring me home flowers, often, he will bring home great finds
that he knows will light up my life.  That black spikey stuff?  It's from a huge bristle brush
that you see attached to keep the gunk from spraying out as the wheels whip down the road.
Sort of a curtain of bristles.  I have one that obviously dropped off the bus and my sweet honey picked it up and brought it home to me. 
How wonderful is he?
The small spikes on the other one, is hair pins.  In case you were wondering!

If you spot something totally wild and cool, remember the kooky artist in your life.
ta for now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So here's my art for the day.  I had a big old paintbrush, a wisk broom, and some kind of goop scooper thingie jiggy tool. Perfect for faces.  Using "stuff" to create the face elements on the painted recycled painted linoleum ( love love working with this stuff) I created the faces.   I had originally hung them as solos, but then decided they would look really fun together..
a family. 
 So I dug out an old cabinet door, painted it with my favorite colors and attached these happy faces.
And I love it.  
How lucky am I to do art!?
Giggles and grins.
it's all good!!
I invite you to do the same.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


3 Cups of Coffee
This is a fun piece I did using recycled products and items to create this art.  The birds, cups and heads are all made from recycled linoleum that I paint.  I am having lots of fun using this as an art medium.  I started this piece out by using an old kitchen cabinet door that I prepped and painted a nice red.  The red paint was from one of those on sale sample paint containers at Lowes.  I always pop by the paint sale table and see if there are any colors that I can pick up.  It's an economical way to buy paint.  I stenciled the numbers on in black and then added the elements of recycled linoleum art.  I decided it needed a fun border, so I started out with white polka dot,s which led to red polka dots and then I added  circles cut from book pages.  Then to tie in the black birds I added the black painted stripes.  And then I decided I was done.
This will be one of the pieces that I put in the upcoming show in March at the CCAH gallery.
More to come.