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Monday, September 28, 2009


I have been PUBLISHED in Linda and Opie O'Brien's new book

When I created this art doll, I knew she was destined for good things.  I placed her in a local art show
but alas she did not sell.  Trust me when I tell you, when your expectations do not turn out the way you thought, stay true to your beliefs.  I brought her home,  where she happily hung out in the studio.  Later, I decided to list her on ETSY one day, oh maybe a year ago?......  And lo and behold, was contacted by
 Linda O'Brien
yes, the one and only...
inquiring if I would be interested in sending this art doll to them for an inclusion in their upcoming book

Who's Your Dada?

YES!  I WOULD BE HONORED!!!! Now know this:  I answered with true awe in a calm and well mannered voice.  But on the inside, I was doing backflips and dancing the waaa-hooo dance.

Because I had their first book,
Metal Craft Discovery Workshop
which I love!  It is a great source for cold fusion, and I learned a LOT!  I have long admired
their work.  They are big into re-purposing  and re-cyling objects into their art, of which I too love to incorporate into my work.  Here in my studio, I am setting on an old typewriter that I am planning to take apart.  I have done one before and let me tell you, it's HARD WORK.  But boy howdy, can you ever take out a lot of frustrations taking apart an old typewriter.  Makes you thoroughly believe that the old stuff was well built, unlike some of the JUNK they sell us these days, but that's another story.

I made this doll out of an old book.  Her body is cut from a stack of  book pages and assembled together.  I used my pop rivet gun (oh I love this tool)  to put her together and it worked great.  The background is made from 4 small frames that I was using up, a happy accident really.  Her wings and head I cut from an old rusty
 lantern fuel can I had found in Utah at a mining site.  (think about the "fuel" to energize your dreams.)

The title Road to Love?  It was the name of the old book.  And it inspired me to think about all of our
self loves we have as humans.. good and bad.  SELF love, SELF doubt, SELF indulge, etc.
 I haven't got the book in hand yet, but it is availabe on Amazon. I am really excited.
Can you tell?  If I was 15, I would do a cartwheel.  I have been sitting on this news for awhile,
but being cautious to make the big announcements till I was certain I would make the book.
You know, final cuts, etc.  You just never know.  But today, I was able to go online to Barnes and Noble and scan through the book and WOWIEEEEEEE I was there.. pages 114-115.  The view is too small to read but large enough to see the art.  Cannot wait till I get the book in hand..  today received the notice the book is on it's way!!!



SEPTEMBER IS ALMOST GONE!  Yikes.  The days are zipping by.  The apples in our tree are
ripe and I have started drying apple slices.  Takes about 12 hours to dry a quart size bag.  So I am determined to dry as much as I can this week.  Next weekend I would like to tackle some apple butter.
My ART has been patiently waiting for me as I attend to my wholesale orders and chores.
I worked the Octoberfest on Saturday and we were blessed with perfect weather. Sunday I cleaned house, did errands and made a great dinner: grilled pork tenderloin with grilled yellow longneck squash and zucchini plus a nice green salad with pears, grapes and raspberries.  For dessert a fresh apple pie out of the oven.
I love making pies.  And this was my first apple pie that I picked the apples and went right into the kitchen to make the pie.  :)  yummy yummy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There comes a time in our lives, when you hit a wall.  When you know, no one else can rescue you
but your own free will.  This is a life lesson that has come to me time and time again.  It has
built my foundation, it has fortified my support beams, and it continues to propel my life.
When I see people being led around life with a ring in their noses, it makes me angry. Sometimes, I am even full on pissed off.  But the sanity of maturing has lessened --- " lessoned " that for me.  I try to live my life
 "live and let live".
I try HARD not to judge, though it's a habit that is hard to shove off sometimes. 
This is especially true when it's someone you love.  I have managed to shut my mouth and
allow the courses to ride, come what may.  Well today, the wall rose up.  And that person
saw the light.  Finally.  The struggles are not over, but at least she is driving her own ship now.
And to me, that is really what life is all about.  I can only hope she will stay fast and firm and
keep her hands on the wheel.  And close her ears to the nay-sayers, even the ones who mean well.
Because when it really comes down to it,
it's about trusting that inner knowing.
it's about turning off the chatter.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Finished this piece just as the weather has turned here in Colorado. BRRR~~~  We are expecting snow in the mtns today.  I am holding on to the notion that it will warm up again, and this is just a passing front.  But oh, the passing of summer always leaves me shivering and a little sad.  So into my art I focus on the beauty of snow and cold.  Trying to alter my mood.  Showing some of the progress here.
  Out of the background I found this girl walking in the woods with a nesting bird in her arms.  Polka dots
sparkling on her coat, her joy in nature and winter embraces her season.  As I am looking at the piece
here I see a heart that is calling out so I will have to bring it into the scene.
And there's the heart..  and I couldn't stop!  More small hearts in the branches and the bird is holding one in his beak.  I added some more details to the bird and now I think I am done.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This sweet bird flew into my art this morning.

She knew he was there.  She could hear his song.  As he came closer, she looked into his eyes and felt his music in her heart.  It lifted her spirit and she felt the wind bring her closer to the autumn sky.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


DOGGIE ART MORNING.... I did the work, Marley did his part.  Phew.  Hard working day here in the studio.  Marley puts in his 8 hours.  Good Dog. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


passing on this gift, click here:


today I sit quietly and feel the energy and beauty that life has to offer.  The love that flows from human to human, from being to being.  take a moment and embrace.  take a moment to thank others who have touched your heart unexpectedly.  take a moment to be. 

 do you feel it?


Another collage/painting finished!! This was great fun. The background is muted lavenders that
created a serene sky which then inspired me to do blocks of printed art papers and fabrics. I then saw the houses and created the dictionary painted roofs. Then I felt I needed white daisies in the foreground so I painted them in. I sat with the piece for a few days and then saw a big blackbird wanting to fly into the piece. I decided to cut out the bird from polka dot fabric. I like the whimsey of the polka dots. Cheery!


Friday, September 11, 2009


She is in her element. The flowers, the bird in her nest, all create these sweet, loving and nurturing
surroundings that she is blessed with. Our gardens can offer such a retreat at a moment's notice. Step outside and be in the now with nature.
I am trying to get outside as much as possible because fall is sweeping in and I am always sadden to see winter coming. I try to embrace the beauty of winter, but find I am always creating more flowers and gardens in my art as an escape from the cold snowy outside.
This art was pulled from the background and I have 3 more to do. fun. really.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Beginning on 4 new paintings. These were cheap:) box art frames I found at a local hobby shop.. with some not so great art.. on sale for $2.50 each. Nice size 14 x 11 and 2 lovely inches deep. SCORE! Always on the lookout for art "canvas" and saving money this way just makes doing the art MORE FUN!
So I gessoed over these and have started layering color and textures. If you look closely to the one on the upper left you can see an image that I started from the background. Learning this fun way to "pull art" from one of my favorite mixed media artists Mystele. This gal is so talented and such a lovely sharing artist - her inspiration is endless. I am striving to not copy but rather be inspired. Copying can be an easy pull for us artists but is huge bone of contention among artists. You can be so inspired by their art, but you have to fight to retain your voice. I see it continually with artists, even experienced artists. And while I get the lure, I also know the importance of finding your own voice. I will continue to work on these. I like to do a series of backgrounds all at once. It's a fun messy way to create that I love. I still have more background elements to add to 3 of the 4 pieces but am letting the paint dry while I jump into my work day.
Just wanted to share the excitement this morning.

Thursday, September 3, 2009



So many things to do today. Orders lined up, art to do for a new design, a rep pack to send out.
It can be hard to take a moment out in a very busy day with lists a mile long to just breathe.
Marley, our dog, teaches me to stop and breathe and be in the now. Yesterday, working in my studio, he came up to me and placed his paws on my shoulders. He's a big dog and you cannot
ignore him when he does this. It means: "I need to go out now." So I walked him upstairs and opened the doors that lead out onto the deck that leads to our backyard. But instead of
walking out into the yard, he walked over to our deck swing and climbed up into it.
Then sat down and looked at me with pleading eyes. So I joined him on the swing
and took time out of my busy day to be in the NOW. It's so sweet to sit with Marley
and swing. Dan and I often join him in the evening. These lingering summer days are
precious and it's good to capture some time before we blink and it's winter again.
thank you Marley
and thank you Jess for keeping me in the NOW.