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Thursday, September 3, 2009



So many things to do today. Orders lined up, art to do for a new design, a rep pack to send out.
It can be hard to take a moment out in a very busy day with lists a mile long to just breathe.
Marley, our dog, teaches me to stop and breathe and be in the now. Yesterday, working in my studio, he came up to me and placed his paws on my shoulders. He's a big dog and you cannot
ignore him when he does this. It means: "I need to go out now." So I walked him upstairs and opened the doors that lead out onto the deck that leads to our backyard. But instead of
walking out into the yard, he walked over to our deck swing and climbed up into it.
Then sat down and looked at me with pleading eyes. So I joined him on the swing
and took time out of my busy day to be in the NOW. It's so sweet to sit with Marley
and swing. Dan and I often join him in the evening. These lingering summer days are
precious and it's good to capture some time before we blink and it's winter again.
thank you Marley
and thank you Jess for keeping me in the NOW.

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