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Monday, September 21, 2009


Finished this piece just as the weather has turned here in Colorado. BRRR~~~  We are expecting snow in the mtns today.  I am holding on to the notion that it will warm up again, and this is just a passing front.  But oh, the passing of summer always leaves me shivering and a little sad.  So into my art I focus on the beauty of snow and cold.  Trying to alter my mood.  Showing some of the progress here.
  Out of the background I found this girl walking in the woods with a nesting bird in her arms.  Polka dots
sparkling on her coat, her joy in nature and winter embraces her season.  As I am looking at the piece
here I see a heart that is calling out so I will have to bring it into the scene.
And there's the heart..  and I couldn't stop!  More small hearts in the branches and the bird is holding one in his beak.  I added some more details to the bird and now I think I am done.

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