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Thursday, August 12, 2010


This past week has been CA-RAZY!!!!
The universe must by rearranging my world lately.
 A few weeks ago, I had a wicked virus on my computer that was even effecting my UPS program, among other things.  So I had  to take my computer in for a thorough cleaning.  Even with my virus protections, this bad boy virus had wormed it's way into my computer.  My repair guru told me all the virus protection programs really only work on 90% of the viruses.  And I had caught one of those crappy 10% bugs.  Go figure.

Next, my old realiable HP printer quit.  No big surprise, it's old and has been an absolute work horse.  I certainly got my money out of it.   But I had just put in 2 NEW ink cartridges.  Naturally!  And when I went to buy a new printer,  none of the new printers used the ink cartridges that I had in my old printer.   I think it's a conspirancy.  I have always joked (painfully) that buying those
ink cartridges are more expensive than buying a new printer.  What is up with that? 
So I installed my new printer, and then my scanner wouldn't work.  So that took 2-3 days for me to figure out.  I am not a whiz at this stuff.. but I am persistant!    Somehow the new print program didn't work with the program I was using for the scanner.  You know, computers.  You change one thing, and it effects something else. 

Then my trusty Canon digital camera started acting up.  You turn it on and it keeps making a clicking sound then tells you to turn it off and on again.  You do that, and it does it again.  I sent my camera in for repair a year ago, and it cost me over $100.  So this time, I decided to just buy a new camera.  Then the dilemma
of what camera to buy.  The good news is the digital cameras have come down in price considerably.  So I finally decided to get an Olympus camera.... just a simple one.. I don't know enough about photography to justify spending a ton of money.  Plus Staples lets you return it in 14 days if you are unhappy with it.  Of course, our little local Staples didn't have the Blue one that I wanted.. and I didn't want a plain ole black one.
I live in color you know!

So this morning, I am doing a STUDIO cleansing and blessing and then all will run smoothly around here.

ta da!!!!!

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