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Friday, August 13, 2010


Last weekend, we took a jeep ride up in the mtns above Glenwood.  Up above 4 mile on a beautiful sunny day.  The first week of August.  Summer still, right?  See all that brown stuff out in the fields?  That's what
the locals call skunk cabbage.  And it's brown because it's already had some frost.  Ask an old timer what that means this early in the summer and he will tell you to get ready for a hard winter.  Me, a summer time lover just cringes at that thought.  I don't actually hate winter, it's just too long for my tastes.  I  would prefer nov, dec and jan then spring again.  That of course, would kill the ski season and break my husband's heart as he loves winter, skiing and teaching.  So I am trying to get out in the sunshine and enjoy the nice summer days while they last.  Because we have already had some crispy fall feeling mornings here lately.
I have been gearing up for my show in Palisade.  Painting "things" to spiff up the booth. 

Red is my theme color as you can see.  I painted an old suitcase and lined it with fabric.  Would show it here, but my new camera isn't here yet.  This weekend will be a work weekend getting inventory ready for the
big day.  Plus I have market on Tuesday.  It will be a fast and furious week.

But I will take a few moments to get outside and enjoy a little summer sunshine while it lasts.
because, it's fading faster than I care to think about.

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