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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Is it peachy fuzzy navel or fuzzy peach navel?
I'm not sure!!!
I played with this design and used a lot of different ideas for the background.  I first thought a border would
be in order, but after I got it put together, decided not.  I loved painting on the map and I like the
look it gives the design.  Working in layers in Photoshop is such a fun way to create.  What did I ever do before Photoshop?  It takes a lot of the manual work out of designing allowing you to add or subtract what you want.  I didn't want to commit the design entirely to the peach fest so I would be locked into just the weekend event.  I used a map of the area and will be able to magically erase the word Palisade out of the map and include it in my lineup for Lunar.  But I can also use any leftovers to take to the Lavender Lady's shop in Palisade.  Nice to have that backup.  This is my first official Festival so it's a wild guess as to how much inventory I take. 
I have been working fast and furious all weekend.  Partly getting inventory ready for the Palisade Peach Fest and partly getting art ready for the upcoming art show at the Aspen Chapel Gallery.  Thankfully, I work well under pressure!  The weather has been picture perfect all weekend and I have been locked in my studio
working.  But I am taking Marley for a nice walk after dinner.  He has been so patient waiting for me.
I am longing for a Fuzzy Peach Navel!!!!

1 comment:

Susan Wymola said...

Linda, take it from an Expert..ha..
I'ts Fuzzy Navel.. as in Peach/Orange.. All I really know is I have not had one in a while and it's about time! Love the art!