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Thursday, August 5, 2010


You!? Not me.  It's been CRAZY!!!!   Doing the downtown farmer's market every Tuesday keeps me hopping! It's a lot of work but I am loving it.  Now I am gearing up for the Palisade Peach Fest coming up
August 20 and 21st.  And I am in an art show in September with 9 other artists at the Aspen Chapel Gallery.
Also seriously looking into doing the Santa Fe Recycled Art Show in November, which would be a great
leap of faith (and energy)  for me.  I would need  A LOT OF ART to take there.  I think it would be profitable, but it's a little daunting to think about it.

 On top of all that, we have had a busy summer helping our moms.  My mother is nested in Denver but I am trying to get her over here once a month for a visit.  And Dan's mom has had a series of surgeries, all major, and we helping her recover. 

 It seems, every summer, we have less time to play!  I haven't had a
real jammie art day in months.  The garden is growing wild and weedy.. we have had lots of rain, and the
weeds are thriving out there.  I have a pile of art projects that seems to grow and grow. 
So lazy?  Not really.  Trying to take moments out of the hectic days, to sketch, and dream.  And here it is, the first of August ALREADY!?  Where did summer go?  All the time saving technology we rely on,
seems to not really save us more time.  Do we keep raising our expectations of what we can get done?
Makes me long for the good ole days sometimes. 
NOW I have to jump into another busy SUMMER DAY!\

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Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Sometimes it's nice to have busy summers too! I love your painting/drawing. Good luck with your art shows.