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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I love this piece.  This one will be hard to see sell.. and when I really, really love a piece, it will quite often be the first one to sell.  I titled this one "FOCUS" with those wonderful old welding glasses... the dark lenses there to protect you while you are working.  How important is this in life to keep your guard up.. to protect your intentions.   But also to stay focused.. keep on target.. mindful of the crucial need to keep a sense
of fun and whimsey.  So for me, this piece is about the balance of staying Focused.
His head is an old water canteen.. the kind the boy scouts used to carry.  The legs are copper that my husband made for me to use.  The feet and the knees are adorable.  Thank you Dan.  The bow tie,
an old sprinkler base and the hat is something I picked up at a thrift shop several years ago.  I then had no idea what I would use it for, but as these kind of things happen, it works perfectly for a hat for my little guy.
And, yes, I will say it again.  I adore this piece.
on to more creating. 

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