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Thursday, September 2, 2010


This morning on my front patio, I was watering my flowers.  Beside the large pot of hibiscus, I have a small assemblage in a house shape with a bird nest inside.  And as if these two pansies decided this was the most perfect place to bloom and soak up the morning sun, here they were nearly inside the little house.  These are the little daily miracles that make my day bright and full of promise. 

In two planters, I have our lush purple petunias.  I always plant these because I adore their color of deep purple.  They look like velvet flowers and they smell of spicy and sweet.  I cannot pass them by without inhalling deep so they sit along our steps filling the air with their wonderful fragrance.  Petunias grow well here in Colorado.  At our elevation of over 5000 feet, the sun can be intense and these petunias love the hot sun as long as they get a good drink of water daily. 

This morning I am smiling because we had a wonderful opening last night at the Aspen Chapel Gallery.  A nice crowd showed up, some old friends and new friends.  I sold three pieces of art, and leads for selling two more.  I was really pleased with the entire show.  Openings are sometimes hard for me.  An artist loves to create, but standing in front of your work and talking about it, that sometimes is hard.  Little by little, I have learned to more comfortable in my art shoes and am actually starting to really enjoy openings. 

So today is going to be a smiling purple day for me.  And I hope for you too.
NOW for an artfull day!

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