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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May has blown by  and here  I am already running fast  in June!!!  My kids moved back from Hawaii.. a wonderful blessing.  Having them here has been fun, busy, crazy and lots of giggles.  They are now nesting in their new little house and I am getting my space back.  Still lots of time with my sweet granddaughter is like dessert everyday!

The Glenwood Downtown Farmer's Market starts up next Tuesday.. and I will have my booth..  And I am doing a booth this year at the Strawberry Festival which starts a week from this Friday.  So I am very busy gearing up
for that.  Currently have art hanging at the Smithy's in Carbondale, after hanging art at the Lizzie's Coffee House in New Castle for the past two months.  Maybe a few shows on the horizon for summer.. but I have to keep my energy focused on the business.

Power Thought for the day..."I am willing to let go.  I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me." I love when it is so spot on.

I am turning 61 this month.   Last year turning 60 was shocking for me.  But I have embraced my age now, so much, that I am letting my silver hair come out. Feel it's time.  I have lots of plans for the summer.  More ART, more family time, and more gratitude for life.  And watching the garden grow.  How dearly I love summer.  Feel the sun on my face, that smell of the honeysuckle, the strawberry plucked warm from the garden and popped in my mouth.  Reminds me of the vegetable garden my parents had when I was a kid.
Fresh picked tomatoes in the garden tasted like heaven.  I am growing my veggies in hay bales this year.  Wish I could share with Dad.  He so loved gardening especially when he had time after he retired.  He savored his garden.

and now time to step out into my garden and pick some lemon balm.