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Thursday, November 26, 2009


POSIES FOR YOU!  .... first in a series!
now for sale on etsy

I am planning to do a series of these girls.  I love using the license plates for their
bodies and love their big ole wacky lips. MWAH!  The lips are made from a red lid off of a mini vodka bottle.  Here's a little background on these lids...

 A few years ago, walking my dog Sadie everyday through our old neighborhood, I would spot, almost on a daily basis, two mini bottles tossed to the side. Never one bottle mind you.. but always two.  The lids were not screwed back on after he or she killed off the bottle.  No, just tossed onto the ground.  I would easily spot the red lids, and sure enough, the two empties nearby.  I have probably over 100 lids! Yep, this person had some serious habits!  One, the vodka habit and two, a big litterbug.  So in name of art and cleaning up the invironment, I would pocket the two lids and two empty bottles.  The bottles I would toss in the trash, but I saved the lids for some future art project.  I would often think about this person.  I surmized that it was somewhat troubled soul  and a man. Troubled, because he must of felt he needed those two shots even before he got home.. couldn't wait to get home to have a drink.  Why a man?  Well, I think a woman would of screwed those lids back on before she tossed the evidence into the weeds.  Just my opinion.  Plus I wondered if he was chosing vodka because it was less of a tell tale smell on his breath? Closet drinker?   And he was obviously walking as the path seemed to be coming from the bus stop.  Funny how you can make up these assumptions just from some discarded trash!  It was fun to wonder about this person while I walked along.  Then suddenly one day, the bottles never appeared again.  He had moved away.. or cleaned up his act. 

Now,  fast forward ahead a few years, and LIPS!  These lids make great lips.. they are aluminum and already a perfect red.  I can easily smush them into lip shapes even turning up the corners for smiles! 

So stay tuned for more of these recycle art dolls.. with wonderful LIPS (thanks to the drinking litterbug!)

and oh HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!  I am off to make a nice big apple pie.. yummy!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


(Click on pics to enlarge to see more details)

My ART jacket.  I wore this to the opening for the Aspen Chapel Gallery's Small Wonders show.  It's a jean jacket that I worked on several years ago for the DAY of the DEAD art show at the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities.   This was a labor of love, very time consuming, and is a work in progress.  I appliqued, painted, beaded, stamped and embroidered a lot of images.  Frida Kahlo adores the back with her quote "I paint my own reality" along with some Loteria game cards that I turned into cloth transfers.   I did a large Tree of Life on the left side with my alter ego blackbird.  In the branches of the tree I sewed on lots of Milagros, with various beads.  Each leaf was cut from fabric and appiqued on.

The tree was dictionary pages that I transferred onto fabric then cut out and appliqued onto the jacket.

The sleeves were stamped with  journaling about my personal Art Journey. 
I still want to line the jacket, at some point.  Looking for the perfect print....  I wear this to some art openings and always get fun comments.  I don't do a lot of embroidering any more, but I used to do a great deal of it.  It is a great way to  spend an evening watching an old movie and stitching away.
(Someone asked me how I wash this jacket!  Well, I haven't and probably never will! I figure if I
would get a stain somewhere, I could just embroider over it!  Besides, I don't wear it very often.) 


Monday, November 23, 2009


Starting the holiday push for my gifts.  Have some old green and white Colorado license plates that I am going to make a batch of ornaments.  I also decided to find some old used plates on ebay and think I can
get them really reasonable.  Planning on using them for some upcoming assemblage art.  I want to start
pumping my etsy with more small pieces of art!  Have a lot of planned art on my envision board.
As the holiday approaches my days get fuller and I am getting in the spirit.  A little snow early this morning, but the sky is gorgeous blue this morning, and I am ready to jump into a pile of orders.
All is well.  ta

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is where my soul and heart is this morning.  I am sitting in immense gratitude for the gifts that have come my way.  I am reminding myself that the power to create abundance is in my hands.  Last night, I was so blessed to sell four of my dada creations.  Know that I loved them dearly, and to see them go leaves me a little sad :(  But truly, it also inspires me to create more :).  And to walk in the path of gratitude.

Finding your niche with your art is hard.  Finding your place in LIFE is hard.... but when you really learn to trust your INTUITIONS and your PASSION,
it no longer is difficult. Because, your heart knows.  Your head is a little slower in the knowing, but staying alert will finally get the mind's attention.  And last night I got it. I went to the opening at the Aspen Chapel
Gallery's SMALL WONDERS show with an undeniable quiet sense of knowing that I would sell my art.  Not only did I sell, but the numerous positive compliments on my work, the smiles the art generated, it was like walking around in a garden full of blossoming fruit trees: the petals coming down and kissing the deepest part of my creative soul.  Being surrounded by all the talented artists, all their creative outpouring on display was just so uplifting.  As I walked around the gallery, and looked at all their work, I felt each and everyone's energy.  It is so amazing to see all their heartfelt work. 

And I felt very honored to be among them.  Thank you Linda Deters for showing up and taking this picture.
It was so nice to see my friend before the big crowds arrived. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


SO... Here's my art for today.  I felt sorry for my toe.. that I busted on Friday morning.  I still am not sure what hit it.   I was pushing my table of found objects that I had spread out while I was working on my series of 8 dada dolls, and the opposite end of the table collapsed in a big crash.  I was standing on the upside, and still do not know what smacked the ^$#(* out of  my toe.  It is actually looking much better...  because it was a whole lot blacker.  But let me tell you, I haven't been able to wear normal shoes since.  Inside I wear my flipflops, outside because it's COLD, I wear my softest socks, and Crocs.  I limped around on Friday and Saturday.  SOOOO  PAINFUL... but I think it's getting much better.  Ya just can't take your toes for granted.  Meek little things they might seem, but they are wholely important in your daily trekking! 

   So this morning's ART was to paint my toenails  purple - a honorable royal treatment-  and step somewhat lively into my work day.  Because I have piles and piles of work..   Now where did I put my super woman vitamins?


Monday, November 16, 2009


The last of my dada's in a series of 8 for Small Wonders at the Aspen Chapel..  I found the cool old match tin at a used store and knew it would be a great body for a dada.  The owl just came in on her own.  I used a rusty tin lid for the head, spotted the old barbwire and liked how it flowed off her head.  Next the eyes, old lens from a camera, and an old gear wheel.  (I always grab cheap or free cameras at yard sales to get these kind of parts.)  And into my vision of junk, I spotted an old ink pen nib (?)  and so appeared the owl.  So next? Why wings of course.  Those I cut from an old coffee can.  Now feet, hmmm.. ahhh perfect... old caster wheels!  I have a box of those so I chose the smallest ones I had.  The empty slot for a nest and a touch of whimsey, a wooden red heart.

See the arrow I drew for you?   I love this embedded rock in the barbwire!  Found this piece of wire on the road.  Just a fun little happening.


ps link to Aspen Daily News about the Aspen Chapel  Small Wonders Show
      an article about the show.. though I am "renamed" LANDA DRAKE..
      sheeshhh..  I did add the correction below their article.


This DADA was challenging for some reason.  I used an old  brush that must have been used
for some strong varnish because I could smell it in the bristles when I heated them for distortion.
And noteably, I did it outside as I am fairly certain the fumes where horribly toxic.  Even the handle seemed
soaked with the old varnish.  Mind you old brush, but still present.  I started with his head using paperclay.
He just popped out.. and I loved his face.  After the clay dried, I lightly sanded it and then painted the colors.
Next I found some wacky wooden frog arms that I attached and I liked that they were open and out.
Next he asked for a bow tie and I of course gave him a polka dot tie.  An old button just seemed perfect to top it off.  Next his body.. I tried numerous things, and finally found an old nose complete with the
fuzzy mustache.. oh it was perfect.  But still I felt it wasn't complete.  Then I found in my junk box,
a wheel.  ohh sweet, perfect perfect. Even the outstretched  arms seem to say balance.  The challenge was I had to shorten the handle before attaching the wheel to comply with the 12x12x12 size rule for this Small Wonders Show. 

Here's what I am discovering the longer I do art.  I am beginning to get my level of "done".  You know, you
start a piece and when do you decide it's done.  Here's what I have found works for me.  It's in my gut.
I don't "think" about it.  I feel it.  Gut art.  Yeah..  that works for me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just finished her.  I like her!  I used an old lock for her body.. and an old rusty bike chain for her arms.
Her wings are metal painted white, and her skirt is a little tart  cup that I flattened and cut into her skirt.
I used beads and wire for her feet.  Her head is an old top to some beverage can with the openings for her eyes.  I used a small metal red screw top squished into a mouth shape.  I punched holes along her crown and tied on some multi colored twine that I unfurled to make fuller.  I love her hair..  I want hair like this!~

   Have 7 of these done, and need one more.  Though one of my dada's is not to my liking.  So if I have time, I will do another one.  Though often I have placed some art piece in a show, and even though I wasn't crazy about it, it sold.  So what do I know, right?  These will be going up to the Aspen Chapel Gallery for the
Small Wonders Show.  There are 30 artists showing 8 pieces ea.  Four are hung initially and then as
pieces sell, the remaining 4 are brought out to fill in.  I am not sure if we get to pick the first 4, but
I am requesting my pick and am sure they will comply. 

Opening for the Winterfest at Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts is tomorrow night, plus I am setting up tomorrow afternoon for the Unique Boutique which will be on Saturday.  I have more cards to do, plus other stuff I am taking.  I like to set up my "space" here at my studio to get a plan on how I am going to set up at the shows.  BIG HELP!  Yesterday I ran around town looking for Christmas tablecloths.   Yikes.  Didn't feel like spending $50 for those, so I opted for two colorful plastic tablecloths for my tables.  Think it will look just great, plus I was much happier spending only $10.  I needed more baskets but again, didn't want to spend the money.  So I found some nice open flat boxes and I will line them with holiday tissue paper.  Some garlands and twinkle lights and I will be festive and cheery.  Should be a fun day.  Plus snow is coming.
Good for sales!

After this weekend, I will be through my shows, at least the creating and hanging part.  Phew.  It will
be nice to move on to other art projects.  And to clean up my studio.  Getting a little nuts here.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I bought these 6 Christmas ornaments last year after Christmas on sale for .25 cents each.  They were simply wood cutouts with heart shapes in the center cut out and painted gray and black.  Yes, pretty obvious why they didn't sell.  So I painted them fun colors, added polka dots and paperclay faces.  I then added some words for fun, jingle bells and fabric hangers..  And TA-DA!  These will go in the holiday sale this weekend.
FUN!  All are cheery, but I did a blue one.  The holidays are so wonderful but when someone you love is far away, it's a sad time too.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This morning's art was making Christmas ornaments.  I have a batch drying that I need to finish up, so those cannot be photographed yet.  I then turned to some of my paper coasters and turned them into ornaments.
Which led me to remembering the batch of  blank baby tees I have in my storage that I need to use up.
I am doing several local art shows for the holidays, and decided to scan a few of the paper ornaments into
baby holiday tee designs..

These will be cute baby tee designs that I can sell those baby tees that are just setting around.  USE IT UP!!
love that idea!
  Our weather here has been just delightful by the way.  I am running around everyday wearing my flipflops.
Granted it would be really cold to do that early morning or night, but during the day... perfect.  We are expecting rain/snow end of the week.  This is good, even though I could so live with this nice weather all winter long.  The GOOD is with our holiday sale events this weekend, the winter weather brings holiday shoppers out.  They will put there woolies on and be in the mood to shop for holiday.  So GOOD for
our festivals, and not so good for our flipfloping toes..

Monday, November 9, 2009


Be ECCENTRIC.. it's a joyfull state to be in.  It's one of the delicious perks of getting older.  I am way past
caring what some people think.  I walk in joy and surround myself with positive people.  Keep the wonder
of life within me.  It's the only way to trek through life. 
And here's my dada eccentric - completed.  Two more to go.

His body is an old can of some kind of goop that came with a twist off lid with a brush attached.
The Goop is long since hardend and remains in the bottom of this can.   The stem of that brush
reminded me of his spine and the goop his gut intentions.  I used old measuring spoons for his
arms, bending them to hold the "ballon" and the other one open ready to receive life.
I like this little guy.
ta for now.

Friday, November 6, 2009


dada te da....  I am listening to Johnny Mercer's music this morning.  I watched a special about him on TCM the other night.  Wonderful story.  The music to the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" is all Johnny Mercer music.  The story takes place in Savannah, Ga and appropriately Johnny's music was used as he was born in Savannah.  If you get a chance to see the songwriter's special, I hightly recommend it.  His songs are still wonderful to listen to, if you enjoy the old tunes, which I do.  "Skylark" is my all time favorite Mercer song.  You can scroll down to my playlist.. it's #47 if you like to hear it... yummy music.  And yes, I love old movies too.  I would much rather watch an the old classics than watch the sad offerings on TV.  TCM is my channel.  I have it on most of the time in my studio when I am not listening to music.   "Too Marvelous for Words" indeed. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.

oh, ART!  Yes, I created this piece for my series of 8 dada  art dolls for an upcoming show.  Only 3 more to go..   I LOVE working with paperclay.  I had orginally planned to paint his face more, but decided I  liked the whiteness..  it reminded me of the white blank canvas. The retro brush I found on ebay ( with an orginal price of  $.65! stamped on the back).  I love finding old wallpaper brushes that I can use for art dolls.  The wacky stiff hair is perfect.  I often have to work the bristles out using my heat gun or sometimes just water, to achieve the spread out hair-dos. 

Dig those eyelashes?... I cut these from the brush.. and delicately glued them under the eye lids..
oh perfect touch.  And the togel switch... to turn on the creative energy of course.  Love this piece.
This will be one I will be sorry to see go when it sells.  sigh.  But it will bless someone's world and perhaps
spark more creativity for them!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This was so fun!  I was invited to talk to a small class of local high school art students about my art process.
We met at Pattie's Main Street Coffeehouse in New Castle where my art is being shown.  We chatted for over an hour and it was really rewarding to see their eyes sparkle about art.  I love to talk to young people about art.  I never had the guts to do art when I was their age.  I was told I wasn't artistic and like a dummy, believed them.  I used to resent that, but now feel it became a great motivator for me to make up for lost time.  Plus I wasn't taught the RULES of art, which I now believe there are no rules. 
 The art teacher, Nicole Dollard asked what inspired me?  LIFE!  Their are so many things around us to spark the creative juices.  One needs only to be aware and conscious.  And I also talked to them about
making art incorporating recyling and repurposing.  Also how to overcome the blank white canvas "deer in the headlights*) feeling when starting a new art piece.  *a perfect term the teacher used! 
  A delightful morning. And special thanks to Kelley Cox, fellow artist and incredibly talented photographer at the Post Independent!