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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


(Click on pics to enlarge to see more details)

My ART jacket.  I wore this to the opening for the Aspen Chapel Gallery's Small Wonders show.  It's a jean jacket that I worked on several years ago for the DAY of the DEAD art show at the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities.   This was a labor of love, very time consuming, and is a work in progress.  I appliqued, painted, beaded, stamped and embroidered a lot of images.  Frida Kahlo adores the back with her quote "I paint my own reality" along with some Loteria game cards that I turned into cloth transfers.   I did a large Tree of Life on the left side with my alter ego blackbird.  In the branches of the tree I sewed on lots of Milagros, with various beads.  Each leaf was cut from fabric and appiqued on.

The tree was dictionary pages that I transferred onto fabric then cut out and appliqued onto the jacket.

The sleeves were stamped with  journaling about my personal Art Journey. 
I still want to line the jacket, at some point.  Looking for the perfect print....  I wear this to some art openings and always get fun comments.  I don't do a lot of embroidering any more, but I used to do a great deal of it.  It is a great way to  spend an evening watching an old movie and stitching away.
(Someone asked me how I wash this jacket!  Well, I haven't and probably never will! I figure if I
would get a stain somewhere, I could just embroider over it!  Besides, I don't wear it very often.) 


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