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Thursday, November 26, 2009


POSIES FOR YOU!  .... first in a series!
now for sale on etsy

I am planning to do a series of these girls.  I love using the license plates for their
bodies and love their big ole wacky lips. MWAH!  The lips are made from a red lid off of a mini vodka bottle.  Here's a little background on these lids...

 A few years ago, walking my dog Sadie everyday through our old neighborhood, I would spot, almost on a daily basis, two mini bottles tossed to the side. Never one bottle mind you.. but always two.  The lids were not screwed back on after he or she killed off the bottle.  No, just tossed onto the ground.  I would easily spot the red lids, and sure enough, the two empties nearby.  I have probably over 100 lids! Yep, this person had some serious habits!  One, the vodka habit and two, a big litterbug.  So in name of art and cleaning up the invironment, I would pocket the two lids and two empty bottles.  The bottles I would toss in the trash, but I saved the lids for some future art project.  I would often think about this person.  I surmized that it was somewhat troubled soul  and a man. Troubled, because he must of felt he needed those two shots even before he got home.. couldn't wait to get home to have a drink.  Why a man?  Well, I think a woman would of screwed those lids back on before she tossed the evidence into the weeds.  Just my opinion.  Plus I wondered if he was chosing vodka because it was less of a tell tale smell on his breath? Closet drinker?   And he was obviously walking as the path seemed to be coming from the bus stop.  Funny how you can make up these assumptions just from some discarded trash!  It was fun to wonder about this person while I walked along.  Then suddenly one day, the bottles never appeared again.  He had moved away.. or cleaned up his act. 

Now,  fast forward ahead a few years, and LIPS!  These lids make great lips.. they are aluminum and already a perfect red.  I can easily smush them into lip shapes even turning up the corners for smiles! 

So stay tuned for more of these recycle art dolls.. with wonderful LIPS (thanks to the drinking litterbug!)

and oh HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!  I am off to make a nice big apple pie.. yummy!


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