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Monday, November 16, 2009


The last of my dada's in a series of 8 for Small Wonders at the Aspen Chapel..  I found the cool old match tin at a used store and knew it would be a great body for a dada.  The owl just came in on her own.  I used a rusty tin lid for the head, spotted the old barbwire and liked how it flowed off her head.  Next the eyes, old lens from a camera, and an old gear wheel.  (I always grab cheap or free cameras at yard sales to get these kind of parts.)  And into my vision of junk, I spotted an old ink pen nib (?)  and so appeared the owl.  So next? Why wings of course.  Those I cut from an old coffee can.  Now feet, hmmm.. ahhh perfect... old caster wheels!  I have a box of those so I chose the smallest ones I had.  The empty slot for a nest and a touch of whimsey, a wooden red heart.

See the arrow I drew for you?   I love this embedded rock in the barbwire!  Found this piece of wire on the road.  Just a fun little happening.


ps link to Aspen Daily News about the Aspen Chapel  Small Wonders Show
      an article about the show.. though I am "renamed" LANDA DRAKE..
      sheeshhh..  I did add the correction below their article.

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