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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


SO... Here's my art for today.  I felt sorry for my toe.. that I busted on Friday morning.  I still am not sure what hit it.   I was pushing my table of found objects that I had spread out while I was working on my series of 8 dada dolls, and the opposite end of the table collapsed in a big crash.  I was standing on the upside, and still do not know what smacked the ^$#(* out of  my toe.  It is actually looking much better...  because it was a whole lot blacker.  But let me tell you, I haven't been able to wear normal shoes since.  Inside I wear my flipflops, outside because it's COLD, I wear my softest socks, and Crocs.  I limped around on Friday and Saturday.  SOOOO  PAINFUL... but I think it's getting much better.  Ya just can't take your toes for granted.  Meek little things they might seem, but they are wholely important in your daily trekking! 

   So this morning's ART was to paint my toenails  purple - a honorable royal treatment-  and step somewhat lively into my work day.  Because I have piles and piles of work..   Now where did I put my super woman vitamins?


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