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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This morning's art was making Christmas ornaments.  I have a batch drying that I need to finish up, so those cannot be photographed yet.  I then turned to some of my paper coasters and turned them into ornaments.
Which led me to remembering the batch of  blank baby tees I have in my storage that I need to use up.
I am doing several local art shows for the holidays, and decided to scan a few of the paper ornaments into
baby holiday tee designs..

These will be cute baby tee designs that I can sell those baby tees that are just setting around.  USE IT UP!!
love that idea!
  Our weather here has been just delightful by the way.  I am running around everyday wearing my flipflops.
Granted it would be really cold to do that early morning or night, but during the day... perfect.  We are expecting rain/snow end of the week.  This is good, even though I could so live with this nice weather all winter long.  The GOOD is with our holiday sale events this weekend, the winter weather brings holiday shoppers out.  They will put there woolies on and be in the mood to shop for holiday.  So GOOD for
our festivals, and not so good for our flipfloping toes..

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