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Thursday, November 5, 2009


This was so fun!  I was invited to talk to a small class of local high school art students about my art process.
We met at Pattie's Main Street Coffeehouse in New Castle where my art is being shown.  We chatted for over an hour and it was really rewarding to see their eyes sparkle about art.  I love to talk to young people about art.  I never had the guts to do art when I was their age.  I was told I wasn't artistic and like a dummy, believed them.  I used to resent that, but now feel it became a great motivator for me to make up for lost time.  Plus I wasn't taught the RULES of art, which I now believe there are no rules. 
 The art teacher, Nicole Dollard asked what inspired me?  LIFE!  Their are so many things around us to spark the creative juices.  One needs only to be aware and conscious.  And I also talked to them about
making art incorporating recyling and repurposing.  Also how to overcome the blank white canvas "deer in the headlights*) feeling when starting a new art piece.  *a perfect term the teacher used! 
  A delightful morning. And special thanks to Kelley Cox, fellow artist and incredibly talented photographer at the Post Independent!

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