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Monday, November 16, 2009


This DADA was challenging for some reason.  I used an old  brush that must have been used
for some strong varnish because I could smell it in the bristles when I heated them for distortion.
And noteably, I did it outside as I am fairly certain the fumes where horribly toxic.  Even the handle seemed
soaked with the old varnish.  Mind you old brush, but still present.  I started with his head using paperclay.
He just popped out.. and I loved his face.  After the clay dried, I lightly sanded it and then painted the colors.
Next I found some wacky wooden frog arms that I attached and I liked that they were open and out.
Next he asked for a bow tie and I of course gave him a polka dot tie.  An old button just seemed perfect to top it off.  Next his body.. I tried numerous things, and finally found an old nose complete with the
fuzzy mustache.. oh it was perfect.  But still I felt it wasn't complete.  Then I found in my junk box,
a wheel.  ohh sweet, perfect perfect. Even the outstretched  arms seem to say balance.  The challenge was I had to shorten the handle before attaching the wheel to comply with the 12x12x12 size rule for this Small Wonders Show. 

Here's what I am discovering the longer I do art.  I am beginning to get my level of "done".  You know, you
start a piece and when do you decide it's done.  Here's what I have found works for me.  It's in my gut.
I don't "think" about it.  I feel it.  Gut art.  Yeah..  that works for me.

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Nat said...

I am loving these Dada dolls.