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Friday, November 6, 2009


dada te da....  I am listening to Johnny Mercer's music this morning.  I watched a special about him on TCM the other night.  Wonderful story.  The music to the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" is all Johnny Mercer music.  The story takes place in Savannah, Ga and appropriately Johnny's music was used as he was born in Savannah.  If you get a chance to see the songwriter's special, I hightly recommend it.  His songs are still wonderful to listen to, if you enjoy the old tunes, which I do.  "Skylark" is my all time favorite Mercer song.  You can scroll down to my playlist.. it's #47 if you like to hear it... yummy music.  And yes, I love old movies too.  I would much rather watch an the old classics than watch the sad offerings on TV.  TCM is my channel.  I have it on most of the time in my studio when I am not listening to music.   "Too Marvelous for Words" indeed. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.

oh, ART!  Yes, I created this piece for my series of 8 dada  art dolls for an upcoming show.  Only 3 more to go..   I LOVE working with paperclay.  I had orginally planned to paint his face more, but decided I  liked the whiteness..  it reminded me of the white blank canvas. The retro brush I found on ebay ( with an orginal price of  $.65! stamped on the back).  I love finding old wallpaper brushes that I can use for art dolls.  The wacky stiff hair is perfect.  I often have to work the bristles out using my heat gun or sometimes just water, to achieve the spread out hair-dos. 

Dig those eyelashes?... I cut these from the brush.. and delicately glued them under the eye lids..
oh perfect touch.  And the togel switch... to turn on the creative energy of course.  Love this piece.
This will be one I will be sorry to see go when it sells.  sigh.  But it will bless someone's world and perhaps
spark more creativity for them!

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