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Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is where my soul and heart is this morning.  I am sitting in immense gratitude for the gifts that have come my way.  I am reminding myself that the power to create abundance is in my hands.  Last night, I was so blessed to sell four of my dada creations.  Know that I loved them dearly, and to see them go leaves me a little sad :(  But truly, it also inspires me to create more :).  And to walk in the path of gratitude.

Finding your niche with your art is hard.  Finding your place in LIFE is hard.... but when you really learn to trust your INTUITIONS and your PASSION,
it no longer is difficult. Because, your heart knows.  Your head is a little slower in the knowing, but staying alert will finally get the mind's attention.  And last night I got it. I went to the opening at the Aspen Chapel
Gallery's SMALL WONDERS show with an undeniable quiet sense of knowing that I would sell my art.  Not only did I sell, but the numerous positive compliments on my work, the smiles the art generated, it was like walking around in a garden full of blossoming fruit trees: the petals coming down and kissing the deepest part of my creative soul.  Being surrounded by all the talented artists, all their creative outpouring on display was just so uplifting.  As I walked around the gallery, and looked at all their work, I felt each and everyone's energy.  It is so amazing to see all their heartfelt work. 

And I felt very honored to be among them.  Thank you Linda Deters for showing up and taking this picture.
It was so nice to see my friend before the big crowds arrived. 


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