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Thursday, March 10, 2011


A cheery sunflower for a sweetie named Camy.
I used a corner frame sample for the base to attach the sunflower and leaves ( using painted recycled linoleum) and then I attached beads and fabric ties for more fun.
This is a house warming gift for my friend Camy.
She is as cheerful and sunny as a whole field of sunflowers and a wonderful artist.
I am so thrilled for her today.
She is a bright spot for all who know her.
xoxo to Camy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I could listen to Iz every day.  His voice is pure Hawaiian Aloha.
I often do art while listening to his cd.
May your world be filled with much Aloha
and may Iz's spirit touch yours.

Here's another Hawaiian favorite of mine.

read this:


A part of my heart will always be in Hawaii.


Friday, March 4, 2011


Today is Dad's birthday.  He would of been 84.  It's hard to think Dad's been gone now for 2 1/2 years.  I was a real Daddy's girl.  Growing up, he opened up a world of wonder and curiosity and I attribute my desire to be an artist because of his influence.  He loved the mountains and would tromp or 4 wheel endlessly, always wanting to see what was on the other side.  Always noticing the small details around him.

In this picture, taken about 1955, Mom and I were saying goodbye before we boarded the train for New York and then a cruise ship that would take up to Europe.  Mom had suffered the loss of my brother, Michael, who died at about 9 months old,  from what was originally thought Leukemia but later was discovered to be a blood disorder that could of been corrected with a simply blood transfusion.   It left Mom fragile and homesick for her family back in Germany.  We went back for 3 months, and it was quite an adventure for me.  I remember odd things about the trip.. the clock in Munich that had dancing life sized people that would come out and whirl around when the clock chimed.  A nougat candy that came in a round tin with a small wooden spoon to scoop out and eat.  Mom's Viceroy ciggerrettes that she would get out of a vending machine on the boat.  The scary mean Santa that came to my grandmother's apartment with a switch- a monster compared to our fat jolly version in the states.  Note the frills and lace I am wearing..
ghad.   I still to this day do not like frilly or lace from all the foofoo mom would dress me up in.  And those curls..  pink sponge curlers - because my hair is stick straight!

But most of all, I remember how thrilled I was to come home to Daddy.. and how happy our little family of three reunion was.  A new tricycle for me and lots of kisses for mom. 

Miss you Dad.. 
Hope you are having a wonder-filled day somewhere.. perhaps trekking a meadow filled with flowers and birds and lots of sunshine.  Wishing we could be with you.. I know mom wishes it daily. 

ta for now

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have been cranking out lots of recycled linoleum art pins.  I am taking a batch to the opening tomorrow night at the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities for our opening of our show UNTAMED AND RECLAIMED.  We are seven artists who have shown together for years and we collectively approached CCAH about a show featuring recycled art.  Of course, this is bliss for me because I use a LOT of recycling objects in my art. 
I promise to take lots of pictures highlighting the event and the art.  We are to all dress up.. and I have
my outfit poised and ready to wear. 

Today a snow storm is approaching our area, and I am keeping my spirit up for spring.  It's maddening this time of year to have days in the 60's and then WHAM - snow.  And we can have some whopper snow storms.  But!  Spring snow can be over quickly, the sun returns and so do the robins. 

ta for now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


These are the four faces I created using painted recycled linoleum.  I added found objects for features
and each face was mounted on wooden cradle boards 6 x 6 that I covered with dictionary paper.  More in the future I think.  These will be in the upcoming show Untamed and Reclaimed at the CCAH show.
Opening is this friday evening.  We are to dress up.  I have my outfit ready to go.. and it should be great fun.
ta for now