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Friday, August 10, 2012

This is what my father taught me.
This is what I believe.  

I am grateful to all the people in my life who surround me with love and support.  

Dad told me that once.  
We are family,
we love,
we fight,
we are always there 
for each other.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It has been a long summer, even though it's just August.  I am feeling a sense of relief and deep LOVE in my heart.  The two people who I owe everything to, my mom and dad are in a  HAPPY place.  Mom has just
moved into the nicest retirement complex.  It's beautiful, it's safe, secure and peaceful.  All of which she will
flourish in.  Since my father died, it has been so difficult for mom.  I don't think there is a day go by, without mom missing dad immensely.  I know my dad is feeling her joy as well.  

It was so touching to hang these two portraits in my mom's new apartment.  They were such a beautiful
couple.  I think mom FALLS IN LOVE with him even more every time she sees his picture.  He reminds me 
of Henry Fonda, when Fonda was really young... like in the Grapes of Wrath.  Especially the eyes.  

Mostly, my art has been set aside this summer.  I have had time to do some, but more importantly, I have
been focusing on helping my mom.  For someone who had a strong shoulder to lean on her entire life, having dad gone, has really been difficult.  But she is rallying in her new apartment. YELLOW is her color and she will fill her apartment with JOY!   Having her own space, doing as she pleases is already bringing a spark to her eyes.  And I love that she has so many social options open to her now....outings that will keep her busy.  

Friends that can now come over and sit and have tea with her.  
Plus she can sit on her balcony and look at the beautiful mountains to the west.  She will love it even more this fall when the days become cooler.  Everyday will be new and fun for her.  How wonderful for her!   It's her time to have a lightness in her soul.  She deserves it.  And I know my DAD agrees!


how true.