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Friday, January 20, 2012



Now the real story of this design..
First came the lips/leaves.. like 8 years ago?
then last year I added the heart background.
liked the combo, but it wasn't IT.

Then I was working on backgrounds for my kitchen rules designs.
I created the red polka dot with turquoise blue inset.

and then I worked on heart flowers.  

and then all of a sudden...
(here's where you picture cupid appearing over my creative brain....

and tada...

it all came together
and shot arrows straight through my heart.

I am smiling.


was born.

another day in my life.


Sunday, January 15, 2012


My apron.
I have had it hanging around for over a year.
A little too frilly for me.
I don't do ruffles, frills, etc.
Lots of bad memories of my mother dressing me in lace, frills etc.
when all I ever wanted to wear was my jeans and red cowboy boots.
But that's another story!

I decided to make a fun curtain for the kitchen out of the apron.

Day photo..
too much back lighting.

Night photo.
this is better...
Now you can see it.
Those triangle ends are the crisscross bib from the apron.
I used only two ruffles because I wanted to keep the curtain short.
The felt balls I added for whimsy.
That chicken in the window?  I bought at a craft art shop.
The chicken is felt and is sitting in a wire nest that is atop an old bed spring.
The child's rubber boot makes a fun planter.
The chicken towel hooks on the side cabinet was originally 
painted dark colors.  I repainted it with the bright colors.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It feels good to run away.
Yesterday, I lured a friend to run away with me.  We went to Grand Junction, a place I know well!
Well, sort of.  I grew up there in the 50's and it was a nice quiet town.  No more.  The traffic is
huge and most places crowded.  Even on a Tuesday!  I won't go there before Christmas because it's CRAZY!

After we stopped in Palisade to check on my one account in town, we had lunch at a great cafe and for "dessert" we visited the local Blue Pig Gallery.  It was wonderful and I was inspired.

Next we went to Hobby Lobby and I found some FABULOUS duck fabric plus I had a 40% coupon (thank to my girlfriend) and bought some yardage for some oh I don't know exactly what yet, but I had to have this fabric.

It's happy happy.. and I loved the way the flowers pop off the black background!
So here's what I have done so far!

I recovered the stool here in the entry way.
This photo shows the true colors best.  I love the turquoise
in the print.
I had a couple of mix matched cushion/pillows in the little rocker.  And decided
this would look great with these happy new colors.
The carpet is not black.
here's a better view showing the unusual color of our carpeting.

See the blue in the patch rug?  The one patch with the yellow bird?
It's that blue.. and whenever I try to take photos, the rug turns a strange color.  
I like the blue -- it's different but's a pain to keep clean.  Dark carpeting doesn't show
the dirt, but it shows dog hair, and lint.  BIG time.  I seriously should vacuum every day.
But I don't.  
I also covered a little pillow and tossed it on the couch to carry the new fabric into the room

We also stopped at several thrift shops.  I found this wonderful bamboo cart with wheels for a steal.
I can use this to hold some of my cuttings and new plants that I start.  I sat it here in front of the huge windows in our dining room where morning sun is glorious.  This cart will also work as a side table for dinners both inside and out on the deck.  So I was pretty happy with this find.

So I have discovered that having my new sewing machine makes sewing a LOT MORE FUN!
I think over the years, any sewing I would do, using an old machine, was total frustration.
What a nice change having a machine that zips along, no problems!!!!!

♥have a happy day♥


Monday, January 9, 2012


I love these jeans.
I love these sneakers.
They make me smile.
So when I tore these old jeans, I saved them to mend.
And with my NEW sewing machine, yahoo!!!!!
I  just mended these and am now wearing them with a smile on my face.
While I was sewing along, I thought of Dad.
He would take his work jeans and zig zag patch them and 
wear them like NEW!  He was resourceful and saved many things.
I could feel his energy while I sewed these.  

It's comforting to rescue an old friend.
 I am so blessed to work in my art studio here at home.
I can not tell you how wonderful it is to slip on my favorite jeans,
tie up my favorite sneakers and work surrounded by my birds, dog and cat.
It's crispy cold outside, and I have a fire burning in the wood stove here in the studio.


What a nice way to start my day!


even better!

Friday, January 6, 2012



well, yes, but in an artful way!
Sewing isn't something I love doing.  I will, and I have, in the past.  When I was pregnant with my son, Chris, I made all my maternity clothes.  A nice friend and neighbor showed me how to sew.  I had so much fun and it saved me tons on money on maternity clothes.  Then after Chris was born, I started sewing his overalls.  I was an avid embroiderer then and I would embroider animals, etc on his bibs overalls.  I did the same when I was pregnant with my daughter and she wore girly overalls....  It was fun and I enjoyed it.  

Now that ART is my main passion, I don't sew much any more.  Just necessary mending, etc when I have to.
But my old machine stopped working a month ago and I decided it might be time to get a new machine.  And when I saw this Brother's with all those fun stitch options, my ARTISTIC JUICES STARTED FLOWING!
I can do collages and embellish with fun stitches on fabric and paper.  I use fabric in some of the collages and won't it be fun to give a hillside a fun border of decorative stitches?  And paint some image on dictionary paper then add some fun stitching to CRANK it up?     And since my business has prospered this year, I felt I could justify the cost.  Which seriously, these new fan~dangled machines are not all that expensive.  I think I paid way more for my old machine way back in 1975 then I did on this one.  Plus this one can do tons more!  
This machine has the over sized table that snaps on as you can see in the picture.  When you pull it off, it's a narrow arm that will be great for hemming pants.  Yes, I will do some traditional stuff like that.  But oh the 
POSSIBLITIES POSSIBILITIES with this new machine in my art studio!!!!  WHOOP WHOOP!  I had to learn how to 
thread this new baby, the bobbin system is unlike any I have ever seen or used, but I finally got it and was stitching merrily along this morning. I had worry dreams last night about the new machine... when I opened it up and saw how different it was, I thought OH no...can I figure this out.  I am not great at reading instructions, I am much better at visual instructions.  So I googled the how to video, and thankfully found one.. and TA_DA!!!!!

JANUARY is my special studio ART month.  When I have more time to work on ART and truly be in a blissful place.  No yard work, no holidays to busy yourself with, plus it's  cold and wintry,  a perfect time to immerse myself in projects.

I have an inspiration board here on the back of my studio door where I post ideas, images, anything that strikes my fancy.  It's a nice launching pad for my art.

Fun to have the visual candy.
or smiles..
I adore this face.

may you have an adorable day...